Aadhaar Card Link to Caste Certificate

In India, the Aadhaar card has been elevated to a very significant status as identification documentation. Indians have been urged by the government to link their Aadhaar cards to numerous other papers. Such a connected network will eventually strengthen our foundation for identity verification as a whole. The Indian government recently permitted caste certificates to be linked to Aadhar. This will enable them to recognise and ascertain the identities of welfare programme candidates who are actually sincere. As a result, such a step will make it possible for SC/ST students to have access to government-sponsored social security programmes. Have you connected your caste certificate to your Aadhaar card? If not, take a short look at the steps below to learn how. Also, the justification for completing it as soon as possible.

Linking of Aadhaar and Caste Certificate

The regulatory organization in charge of Aadhaar issuance and use is the Unique Identification Authority of India. This has simplified and improved the Aadhaar-Caste Certificate connecting process. The task of obtaining the pertinent information and paperwork from kids has been delegated to school administrators. Additionally, in accordance with the instructions provided, these teachers will request caste certificates from their students. They will then provide the same to the relevant officials after that.

All state governments in India have been ordered to furnish caste and residence certificates for all enrolled pupils. In order for the Aadhaar linkage to be successful, the schools must submit the necessary paperwork within 60 days after issuing these certificates.

Why finish linking Aadhaar and cast certificates?

The following benefits would be available to all students who successfully link their Aadhaar to their caste certificate.

  • Government Scholarships: To support their pursuit of higher education, students from OBC/SC/ST households will be given scholarships if their yearly income is less than INR 1 lakh.
  • Students from ST/SC/OBC households will receive 49 percent of the available seats in prestigious government institutions like the IITs, NITs, and IIMs.
  • Reservations for Government Positions: Candidates for government jobs from backgrounds belonging to the SC, ST, or OBC must pay a lesser application fee. Additionally, they have a certain amount of reservations for these positions, allowing 
  • more of these job seekers to find stable employment. Linking Aadhaar to a caste certificate is crucial for this reason.

A caste certificate: What is it?

In India, caste certificates are used to demonstrate a person’s caste affiliation. The government feels that the group of individuals who fall under the “Scheduled Castes and Tribes” require special encouragement and opportunities to grow in society, which is why it has specifically stated “Scheduled Castes” in the Indian Constitution. Consequently, as part of the Indian System of Protective Discrimination, certain special privileges are given to the category of citizens, such as reservations of seats in schools and colleges, quotas in educational institutions, reservations of seats in legislatures, government services, exemption of a portion or the entirety of the fee at the time of admission to schools and colleges, and relaxation of upper age limits for applying for certain jobs.

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