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Here’s Your End-to-End Guide for App Marketing in 2022

As technology advances, marketing strategies have shifted from traditional approaches—TV, print, and billboards—to digital. Like any other best app marketing company, mobile app marketers use Internet-based channels to distribute promotional messages and increase awareness of their mobile apps.

While stepping into the competition, you must know that the mobile app industry happens to be a very saturated space that you’ve ever come across!  According to Market Research Future, more than 65% of large companies and brands already have a mobile app. Building a mobile app is one thing; getting them out and getting users to install, actively use, and share your mobile apps is a whole new and problematic task.

However, if you are struggling with putting your app on the forefront, even after consultation with some of the best app marketing companies, we are here to help! 

Here is a successful guide that comprises viable ways of performing end-to-end marketing in 2022! 

Research your competitors

Take the time not only to understand your audience but also to get to know and understand your competitors. Competitors are mobile apps in your area of ​​interest – they serve the same purpose and target the same audience as your app. 

Find out what your competitors are doing and what is working for them, but most importantly understand what they are doing and what is not working for them – Believe us, this is one viable strategy of a best app marketing company! This kind of understanding gives you a blueprint for how to model your mobile app and marketing strategy.

Nothing will break your mobile app marketing technique more than being considered a copycat with a monotonous marketing and product strategy. However, with a better understanding of your competitors’ apps, you’ll get a rare opportunity to create a unique and enhanced mobile app marketing plan that will stand out from the rest.

Consider performing an initial mobile app marketing

Just as there are reasons for filmmakers to release trailers before the full film is released, a marketing strategy must be put in place to actually develop the app for one simple reason – wait! Hope sells, or better yet, anticipation breeds noise and curiosity; also creates awareness for your application. Initial marketing can be done before or during app development, but not after development.

Initial marketing could include embedding a video briefly explaining your app’s development timeline, or conducting surveys and polls about features and functionality that app users want to add to your app. When app development ends, you can include your app teaser in-app marketing campaigns. 

If you have developed your mobile app and are now trying to come up with a marketing strategy, then there is bad news for you as you are a bit late and have been working backward. Marketing strategies are created and implemented before mobile apps can be easily accessed.

Each Best app marketing company follows the same strategy, and for that, we would advise you to do the same too! 

Take help from the Press Kit! 

No matter how big the platform for a new era of marketing applications – social media – is gaining power, traditional platforms like TV and print are still useful. Their effectiveness stems from the fact that they have a large following base and not all app users use social media. This is Prescites.

Publishing press releases increases awareness of your product while creating and building its reputation. Imagine your press release ad is shown at the most-watched time when millions of people are glued to the TV screen, you can see how many people can see your ad! Quite surprising, right? That’s what presets are kept for you!

Optimize your app page! 

More than 50% of downloaded apps are found by browsing the App Store. The App Store features thousands of apps; Many of them serve the same purpose. Just like a website that showcases the types of products and services in your store, the layout of your app also shows how content-rich it is.

While the App Store is the primary hub for your app availability, it’s also a very competitive ecosystem as thousands of apps are available. For example, for every game-related app, there are hundreds or thousands of similar apps. For this reason, you need to do app store optimization to stand out from the app store competition.

Set up a mobile app demo or promotional video

Come to think of it, humans are usually visual creatures. Anything we can imagine will stay in our memory much longer. Therefore, videos are the most consumed content. Chances are your target audience doesn’t know much about your mobile app. Therefore, the best way to create awareness about your product is to create a video explaining the product.

Being concise, descriptive, and highly imaginative, are some of the vital key points for your promotional video. The funnier the video, the better because creating funny videos for mobile marketing campaigns is highly addictive. Your video should not only be uploaded on your website or app but also be present on all social media platforms.

Add app reports and ratings

The app store has become an app forest; some are amazing; Some are non-standard while others are just rubbish. Due to this fact, app users become suspicious of the apps they download. Users want to make sure that the application can be used and how to get the trust of other users better. This guarantee comes in the form of reviews.

Therefore, you need to include customer feedback for your app on their social media accounts and websites. Even if you intend to launch a working app, reviews will be very useful. Feedback creates transparency and builds trust. Ratings also give you, as the owner, the opportunity to find out about your app’s strengths and weaknesses. and ways to fix those weaknesses.

Take Full Advantage of SEO

Here’s how typical mobile app users find and install apps; They go to an app store or website, tap the search box, and type in a word or topic they are interested in. For example, for game users who want to play puzzles, search for the word “puzzle”. All apps with the keyword “puzzle” will be displayed. This is how search engines work; They iterate through the stack of keywords and return a parent object to those keywords.

Therefore, for your app to appear in search queries, you need to develop a solid SEO strategy. SEO involves using keywords in your app’s title and description; and no other keywords, but keywords that require high traffic.

If you really want your app to be at the top of the Play Store or Apple Store, then SEO optimization can give you a huge advantage!

Final word

Marketing your mobile app is a task that you should never consider “done”! This is something you should always be working on to enhance as profoundly as you can so that your app has the best chance of surviving in this competitive environment.

The world doesn’t care about who is at the bottom, all they care about is the things that are on the top – and if only you follow our guide here, we are sure that nothing can stop you from ranking your app on the top!

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