Can an Average Student Crack IAS?

The UPSC Civil Services Exam is one of the toughest exams in India and certainly a difficult path to achieve. The path to becoming an IAS officer consists of extreme dedication and hard work. Every year thousands of aspiring candidates clear this exam to achieve prime success and are part of the most respected cadres in India.   

The  UPSC exam is very tough and consists of prelims, mains, and interview rounds and gets harder at every step. Even though lakhs of students enroll for the UPSC prelims, approximately 1000 students are selected at the end. Can average students clear the UPSC exam? This is one of the most common questions asked by the students. So, today in this article, we will answer this. 

YES, an average student can clear the UPSC exam. There are many examples in the past of successful IAS officers who were not toppers during their school days. Still, they worked hard and cracked UPSC.

Tips for an Average Student Crack IAS

1. Dream 

Firstly, the education system in India is not the best way to judge a person’s knowledge and skills. It is an arbitrary system and, therefore, cannot be used to gauge the probability of success in UPSC exams. Remember that your educational history can never scale the vastness of your dreams. Neither can it be used as an excuse for non-performance in any future endeavours. 

UPSC exams do not consider your average student status if you can clear all the levels with required scores. Rather, most of the average students in the earlier part of education tend to achieve better success in cracking the IAS Exams. If you are determined to clear the UPSC exam and achieve success, you can overcome any lack of knowledge at any point in life. Your motivation to clear the UPSC and willingness to invest time and dedication is enough to overcome your low academic performance until now. 

We suggest you relax and think about the positive aspects of being an IAS officer. The respect, responsibilities, and perks of being an IAS officer should motivate you to try and overcome all the deficits you have yourself. Just relax and let go of your past to make a fresh start towards your new dream.

2. Plan

Every dream needs to be worked on before it becomes a reality. Therefore it is necessary to start implementing measures that will bridge the gap between your goals and achievement. You have been an average student who barely passed all the subjects during schooling, but now that has to be changed. You need to systematically fill the ditches present in your knowledge to break the barrier between you and your success.

Start by preparing a list of strong and weak points in your knowledge, skills, and character. UPSC Exam has a diverse syllabus and covers almost all subjects from history and geography to science and literature. You need to develop your base in all these areas and thus need to inculcate methods to do this. Your planning at all levels is necessary, and implementing it is the first step toward a successful career as an IAS officer. 

Your plan should be realistic and achievable. Make a schedule according to your enlisted strengths and weaknesses. You can take expert help from previously successful candidates, or you can join a good IAS Coaching Institute. The Thought Tree is one such institute, and they provide the best UPSC coaching. They have expert faculty members, and they also provide  

3. Achieve

The grind is the only solution to gaining success in UPSC Exams. Your schedules and plans are worthless if you don’t implement them. Try to stick to your plans, and work hard to master the knowledge that is required for your success. The stakes are high in this exam, and any lax behaviour will result in someone else moving to your desired spot. 

UPSC Prelims and Mains are one of the toughest exams on earth in the world, and you will need to garner all the knowledge in a very short period. Knowing everything is not possible but trying is the only option. Lenience and laziness are the enemy of success in UPSC and in any aspect of life. 

Remember that you have been an average person in your educational life not because you are mentally incapable but because you didn’t try. That is what you need to do differently now that you have a dream of cracking the CSE exam and becoming an IAS officer.


Whether you are an average student, a class topper, or a weak student, UPSC exams are different from your school-level education. Here everyone needs to start from the beginning and scale up to similar heights to become a successful cadre of UPSC. The road is tough and may take longer than expected, but hard work, persistence, and patience are the only definitive methods in CSE Exams. 

So it doesn’t matter if you were average or even weak during your schooling years. If you are ready to strive for your dream, the path to glory will always be laid out for you. All the best.

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