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Does Borax or Boric Acid Work for Pest Control in Toronto?

You can find pests in your home in Toronto if you don’t take preventive measures against pests in advance. You can find pests in your home even if you keep your home clean. Pests are a nuisance for homeowners and business owners, but they never stop infesting properties. Nonetheless, there are some DIY remedies that effectively work against pests. By the same token, people turn to borax or boric acid or pest control in Toronto when pests infest their properties. You may already know that both borax and boric acid are harmful to certain types of pests. Thus, you may choose to use either of these options instead of a pest control service like Pesticon for pest extermination.

Borax vs. Boric Acid

You may consider using borax or boric acid to deal with pests if pests infest your home in Toronto. You may also opt for DIY pest control to save money. Nonetheless, there is a lot of misinformation about what borax and boric acid can do. Using the aforementioned substances may also prove dangerous to people in homes eventually. Knowing the difference between borax and boric acid is also important if you decide on using any of the two for pest control. Besides, borax and boric acid are two formulations of the same compound. Here is how:

  1. Borax is a mineral that people take from the ground as a form of the element, Boron. Additionally, people use borax in cleaning products.
  2. On the other hand, boric acid is derived from the extraction, processing, and refining of borax. Plus, you can find boric acid in a variety of chemical products.

Borax is noticeably used as a laundry detergent, hand soap, and fertilizer. Further, boric acid is mainly used as a pesticide or insecticide and eye drops. Both borax and boric acid are harmful only when you ingest them. For the same reason, you should keep them from the reach of children and pets in your home.  

How Does Boric Acid Wok as a Pesticide?

You should know that boric acid is often deployed in pesticides. Thus, you can find it in tablet form, liquid form, powder form, and in various types of traps. Boric acid kills insects while letting insects absorb it, poisoning their stomachs, affecting their metabolism, and scraping their exoskeletons. Boric acid can far more likely kill pests than borax because of its finer grains that pests cannot detect easily. For the same reason, they ingest it and die after some time. When pests come into contact with it, whether through traps, or walking across its thin layer, it sticks to them. As a result, pests ingest it while cleaning themselves.    

Most baits that contain this compound typically have only a 5 percent formulation of boric acid. It is because the high amount of boric acid can repel insects. On the other hand, fine powders or dust you may spread out over pests in a thin layer contain 98 to 99 percent boric acid.

What Types of Pests Can Boric Acid Kill?

Yes, boric acid is effective against pests. However, you cannot use boric acid to kill all types of pests. Moreover, there are only a few pests against which boric acid can work for pest control in Toronto. For example, ants and cockroaches can ingest boric acid and eventually die. There are many pests that you cannot kill with the aid of boric acid. The following is the list of pests against which boric acid won’t work:

  1. Ticks
  2. Bedbugs
  3. Lice
  4. Spiders
  5. Beetles
  6. Flies
  7. Fleas 
  8. Moths 

Should You Use Boric Acid for Pest Control in the Home?

If you decide on using boric acid for pest control in the home, follow the precautions & use it. It’s a dangerous substance for humans to consume and a threat to children and pets in the home. Besides, DIY pest control solutions, such as using boric acid for cockroach removal, will take a lot of time. Instead, you should call the experts to save your time and effectively protect your home from pests.

ConclusionYou can find pests in your home in Toronto if you don’t take preventive measures to resist them. Moreover, you may think of using borax or boric acid for pest control in Toronto instead of a pest control service. Besides, borax is mainly used in cleaning products, whereas boric acid is typically used as insecticides. Boric acid kills pests when they ingest it; however, it is dangerous for humans to ingest, too. You should keep it away from the reach of children and pets in your home. Further, boric acid is effective against only a few pests, such as ants and roaches. Lastly, contact a pest control service instead of using boric acid for safe and effective pest extermination from your home.

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