Few Reasons Why Authors Hire Ghost Writers

Several reasons are there why an author hires a ghost writer. Ghostwriters are skilled and experienced who work for writers or authors but do not disclose their names. Several companies are out there these days that provide ghostwriting services to several people worldwide. But has it ever come to the mind of the readers why established authors hire ghostwriters and write their services? Let’s discuss several reasons why authors hire ghostwriters.

  • Deadline – Sometimes, writers commit that they will deliver the work within a specific date. But somehow, they are unable to. And that is when a ghostwriter enters the scene.

The writers give them the outline of the work, and the ghostwriter starts working on the piece. When the ghostwriter faces issues, he/she reaches out to the author and asks for assistance. The author relies on the ghostwriter, and it is the job of a ghostwriter to submit the work on time.

  • Writer’s block – Authors and writers do sometimes face writer’s block. They run out of ideas and do not know what to write. But readers always want something from their favorite writer.

If a writer releases works in long intervals, then there are chances that the fan base will decrease with time. That can be considered one of the strongest reasons why authors hire ghostwriters.

  • Too busy – Writers are busy all the time. Sometimes they have to go out of the station for conferences. Some writers spend months just researching for their next major novel. To take care of the deliverables, they hire ghostwriters. There is no other option for them other than hiring ghostwriters.

Sometimes they hire one or even a group, according to the type and length of work.

Authors always like to hire writers who know how to use several tools such as a word counter or an inline spelling checker.

  • Writing for a different genre – Suppose a writer known for his thriller novels wants to explore a different genre. As the author is trying his hands on a new genre for the first time, he will try to hire a ghostwriter.

The author is not hiring the ghostwriter just because he wants him/her to write. Rather the author also wants a professional partner who will be able to guide him/her in the whole process.

In this case, an author will always hire a ghostwriter who already has written in

that particular genre.

Those using ghostwriters are sometimes criticised, but the simple fact is that ghost writing raises the standard of a project that might be otherwise unreadable and, in many cases, important books wouldn’t have existed without this essential support.


These can be considered all the reasons why an author hires a ghostwriter. If someone wants to be a ghostwriter, they need to be very patient. Youngsters should not think that they will be able to get offers from established authors from the beginning. At the start of their career, they may also have to provide paper help services to the students to earn money.

AUTHOR BIO: Alley John is an English professor at one of the most reputed institutions in the UK. He is also a part of, one of the UK’s top-ranked college paper essay writing services.

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