10 Food for Healthy Sperm You Should Eat Often

Food for Healthy Sperm is another alternative way to increase the quality of sperm in men. ”

Infertility in men nowadays is a major setback in their love life. Being unable to pregnant your partner is frustrating and indicate that you are suffering from male fertility issues. Moreover, most of the infertility issues are caused by factors like lifestyle, health issues like diabetes etc. but all of these factor directly impact your sperm health and make you infertile. Sperm issues like Teratozoospermia & low sperm count make your dream to become father even hard.

If you are suffering from sperm-related problems, you can add these foods to your diet to enhance your treatment’s effects. Check out these ten food for healthy sperm that can help you.

1. Fenugreek

Fenugreek is a fantastic food that is widely utilized in the Indian Sub-continent as a Spice. But Fenugreek is also famous for its medical properties. It is commonly used for controlling diabetes and weight. Its regular usage also increases the testosterone level in your body; thus, add it to your diet for healthy sperm.

2. Maca Roots

 Maca roots are the most commonly used food for healthy sperm. It also helps you with other problems like erectile dysfunction and low testosterone. It is mainly sold as a powder, so use it with milk or honey for a month and see its effects. Also, if you are looking for ways on Increasing sperm count, then Maca Roots should be the first thing to add to your diet plan.

3. Walnuts 

 Walnuts are famous for their multiple medicinal properties. Many people eat it to enhance cerebral function. That is true because it has a high composition of vitamin E and Omega 3 fatty acid that helps in enhancing your brain and body function. However, Walnuts are also full of micronutrients that help increase testosterone levels and sperm quality, making Walnuts one of the best food for healthy sperm on this list.

add walnuts in your diet for healthy sperm

4. Leafy Green Vegetables

 Adding Green vegetables to your diet for healthy sperm is a great option. Vegetables like spinach and kale are high in iron and zinc that help your body produce testosterone and increase the quality of sperm. These vegetables also help in strengthening your metabolism by providing natural fibre in your food for Healthy Sperm. 

5. Dark Chocolate

 Dark Chocolate is a sweet and healthy treat in your diet that reduces the stress in your body. You can easily add it to your milk before bed to get the most benefits. Do you know that Dark Chocolate is good food for sperm? It also contains compounds like arginine that improve sperm quality in men. 

6. Kiwi 

 Kiwi is a food that is highly rich in Vitamin C that helps in stimulating your body’s immunity system. In addition, Vitamin C plays a significant role as well in sperm production. So adding More Vitamin c rich food for healthy sperm is always a good idea. So why not just add kiwi to your salad?  If you feel that you require more Vitamin c then try Vitamin C supplements.

7. Pumpkin Seeds

 Pumpkin seeds are full of micronutrients like zinc and magnesium. Zinc is a crucial nutrient that helps your cellular health and testosterone production. Therefore, adding more pumpkin seeds to your food for healthy sperm is an excellent idea. 

Pumpkin seeds sperm strong food

8. Fish 

Fish are full of omega3 fatty acids and Vitamin E that improve your eyesight and improve your metabolism. These nutrients also improve the quality of sperm. So if you are a fish lover, you have another excellent reason to eat fish for your dinner.

9. Brazil Nuts 

Brazil nuts are an excellent Food for healthy sperm because it is rich in selenium. Selenium is one of the main components that boost sperm production in your body. But be aware that do not overeat Brazil Nuts that can lead you towards selenium poisoning.

10. Vitamin D Rich Foods

Foods rich in Vitamin D are a great source of energy for you. It provides your body energy and boosts sperm production. If you are looking for Foods for healthy sperm, considering foods rich in vitamin D like Milk, Mushroom, Eggs in your diet is a good idea. You can also consume it directly in the form of sunlight or eat a capsule of Vitamin D

Bottom Line

Here ends the list of the 10 Best Foods for healthy sperm. If you are taking any medicines, then don’t stop them without the consultation of your physician. Just because you have a healthy sperm diet does not mean these are guaranteed treatments. Yes, they can assist you in achieving your goal faster, so follow the advice.

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