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Packaging Style: You’ve created an innovative product you want to show your customers. However, you know that the competition is fiercer than ever. New products are introduced weekly, causing retailers to add shelves to their stores, making them competitive brands for privileged shelf space.

There is a risk of being unnoticed in the crowd. Nowadays, standing out requires more than just a great product. It requires excellent packaging design.

We’ve explained some packaging concepts that have proven successful, ranging from milk to coffee, to help you design your packaging.

Design product packaging

Simplify Your Packaging Design

The minimalist design of the packaging is making headlines today, and for a good reason. Customers are bombard with visual information at every stage of the buying process to the point where most people don’t even pay attention to all the bells and whistles that are part of the packaging design. Who has time to take note of these tiny details?

Argo Tea’s simple, clean style is all about minimalism. And the packaging perfectly reflects this. The three types of white teas are distinguished by three distinct colors: pink, green, and yellow, set against a light gray background. When you remove the gray sleeve from the box, the actual color will be revealed by delicate designs of jasmine flowers.

The overall look is simple; however, it is not easy. The designer uses subtle elements to bring a distinctive look to each box. The patterns printed on the sleeves are like a garden.

Custom Mailer Boxes

Take a Look Beyond Boxes

Aqua Maestro is bottled water infused with the healing qualities of rose petals. It is believed that the energizing energy of purified water improves beauty and nutrition. The company used 3D printed glass to attract wealthy customers, turning standard glass into something unique.

The curves at the top mimic the rose petals, making them easier to hold. With the addition of details in the top points, the designers did a great job balancing the heavy bottom of the bottle. Because the design differs significantly from standard glass, the cost of production was higher; Fortunately, the target market could afford it!

Packaging Boxes Styles

Make a Secret

Ruckus is a natural, non-alcoholic beverage, the creators of real juices infused with botanical extracts. The company has collaborated with a renown English mixologist to make an innovative juice blend that can be enjoyed alone or mixed with a spirit of your choice. To complement the lively and fashionable nature of the drink, Firefly looked for a unique look.

The outcome? A bottle that looks beautiful on the shelves. More, most juice drinks have fruit images or symbols in their packaging style, and most juice drinks have the same design. However, Ruckus bottles are a piece of art. They will be view differently when place in the same place as other drinks. The vibrant colors of the design immediately attract the attention of anyone interested. There is also no branding at the top! Many will take this bottle to find out which company created the design.

printed Boxes

Print Your Mission

The Body Shop is a cosmetics business that sells soaps and bath products. Cosmetics come from an ethical standpoint, and the company also helps rescue and rehabilitate orangutans by donating 15% of its profits to the charity.

These elegant and gorgeous labels are a clever way to understand the design of the packaging. Beauty businesses that sell various products can often vary in size and shape. A lotus logo can be place on the label and packaging of any size, creating a consistent range of products.

Add Fun and Help Your Customers

Bertello is a business that creates household products for mothers and their children. The goal is to allow moms to bake pizza and delicious cakes while the kids have fun. Bertello wanted to convey this feeling of joy through its packaging style.

The clever design serves two purposes: when the mother bakes and cooks, the kits can be open and cut to make animal-theme masks, such as a zebra, a donkey, or a hippopotamus.


Huckleberry Roasters is a luxury coffee and one of the best cafes in the world. Like all other cafes, their disposable coffee cups have contributed to landfills.

Every day, thousands of cups of coffee are throw away and are not biodegradable. So, The American creative agency joined Huckleberry Roasters to create a solution: zero waste coffee cups.

Cups of biodegradable materials include a sleeve of grass seeds that will grow in plants. If the sleeve is crush, put it in the cup, then fill it with earth, and you will have a mini gardener. It is also possible to place the cup and sleeve directly in your yard. Cups are not packaging materials, but the eco-friendly collaboration between a creative agency and a retailer illustrates environmentally friendly and sustainable packaging possibilities.

Create a Story

Diamond Pet Foods offers certified, GMO-free, sustainable organic food for dogs and cats. The company supplies its ingredients from a small handful of suppliers. They were looking for a design for its packaging that matched its core values.

With collage-based images, the designers told the brand’s story by following the food journey from the source to your pet’s bowl. To further enhance the uniqueness of the packaging, the illustrations move through bags from front to back, creating an intriguing eye-catching look.

customized packaging

Striking Colors

Dr John’s Healthy Sweets is part of the movement for healthy and nutritious sweets, with fruit dishes and vegetable juices.

To present its fruity aroma, the company requested colorful, child-friendly packaging. The result was a striking design, with various vibrant colors in the package, reminiscent of the shape of a pencil.


Brooklyn Biltong was looking for the perfect packaging for jerky beef made from organic ingredients. The product is aim at busy people looking for healthy and convenient food options whenever they need a snack. The company wanted the design to be clean, youthful, and modern. The designer offered an innovative solution. Through pictograms, he highlighted every product feature.

To make this jerk stand out more, the designer created a separate packaging window that lets customers know what they are getting.

Select an Excellent Product Packaging Style 

As you explore the various packaging options, don’t be afraid to take risks! An excellent product can be loss in a dull package.

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