How to Become a Technology Consultant like Ram Chary

Every business needs to be technologically in sync with the current trends owing to the inclusion of technology in every aspect of business as it is in other sectors of life. Since it is not possible for business owners to do the job themselves, they hire people who can give them the updates and suggest to them the ways and means of including the latest technological change in their business. This is exactly what Ram Chary was involved in when he worked at IBM Global Services in technology consulting and infrastructure outsourcing.

This particular professional option is slowly coming into vogue due to the increasing involvement of technology everywhere. This kind of consulting aids every business type to enhance their growth, reduce their risks and at time eliminate them altogether, cut down on costs and provides several other benefits. That is the reason every business owner is on the lookout for an able and experienced technology consultant.

Apart from the above-mentioned advantages, the consultants are also expected to know security analysis, infrastructure planning, risk assessment, strategic planning for the finances, and customize software development as well. It is no wonder more and more individuals are showing interest in taking this up as a full-time career option.

In order to become an adept technology consultant such as Ram Chary the following things ought to be done.

  1. Get a degree in computer science or IT – it is only when one knows the subject that he/she will be able to work using it. Additionally, in case of being hired, the business owners prefer something with a degree in the relevant field. Also, one will be better equipped with knowledge in coding, data science and latest software if they study the subject thoroughly and acquire a degree in it.
  2. Find a job or become an intern – in both scenarios one gets a first-hand experience of the work and that is what gives them a leverage over other contemporaries. As an intern one many not get enough money but the experience that they gather at the company will be worth the while. With this experience in hand, one should apply for IT jobs at an entry level. A person with a qualification in the subject along with experience is always a preferred candidate for hiring to recruiters.
  3. Stay abreast with the latest technology – a consultant it is very important to know all the related technological advancements at the back of the hand, as would know all in the profession such as Ram Chary. This increases the confidence of both the one hiring and the one getting hired for the job. The client is convinced that the consultant is an expert in the field.
  4.  Expand your network – for people know one is available to take up the job of a technology consultant they need to know of their presence. This can be done with the help of social media or platforms such as LinkedIn. Knowing personnel in the same profession has its own perks and advantages.

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