Let’s Get To Know About The Direct Lender Loans 

There are many instances in life where things do not work out as you planned them to happen. Uncertainty is the principle of life  which you can never avoid and only embrace. There are many moments in life when you will find yourself in a fix. You might need some urgent cash, but you will not be able to find any help.

It is never a good idea to ask for money from friends and family. It is embarrassing and it brings shame. Besides that, it cleaves the relationship because money issues must never be introduced in relationships.

Today, money-related issues are the number one reason for depression among individuals. People start to feel depressed and anxious because they do not have sufficient money.

Imagine you need some urgent cash and are not able to find any help. This state of being helpless drags a person into depression. However, if you start to think proactively and start to find a solution to the problem, then you will be surprised that there are many solutions available to your issues.

Short-term loans are one of those solutions to your problem. If you are looking for a direct lender bad credit then your search stops at LoanPig. It is one of the best direct lenders in the UK for short-term loans. At loan pig, you have the option of borrowing £1500 for up to 12 months. This allows you to get rid of the financial difficulties and get your life back on track.

Further, Lona pic is also a broker. It brings you in connection with other lenders in the UK so that you can choose among the larger variety of lenders in the UK and get the best deal possible. You will be surprised to know how many lenders are available in the UK who are ready to give you a payday loan a short-term loan without any security.

What is a direct lender loan?

A direct lender loan is delivered directly by the creditor. There is no middleman or broker involved in these types of loans. Although it is one of the quick ways to get loans it is not always preferable because the lender will not tell you what all deals are available for you in the market.

A broker on the other hand shows you all the deals and you can choose the best out of them. Direct lenders engage in all types of money lending services be it bank loans to credit cards to payday loans.

When you take a bank loan, then some research must be done before taking the loan. This is not the case in payday loans as in payday loans, you simply enter the details and the amount.


When we talk about short-term loans in general, then although the FCA has levied an upper cap on the interest rate, it does not mean that all the lenders charge the same interest rate.

Many lenders in the market charge much less and this makes it very important to compare the different loans by lenders through a broker.

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