Purchase Criteria: Wireless Routers Buying Guide

Routers, wireless or not, can be a bit confusing to the average shopper. As in all technology, there are many terms and specifications so complex, sometimes unnecessary, that they end up frustrating and guiding consumers to what sounds best, even if it is not the right option. That is why we take the trouble to leave you a guide to buying wireless routers, with the data that you must take into account when you go to make the purchase.

Broadband names

In the wireless router market, their maximum bandwidth is often touted in their name. There are AC1200, AC1900, and even AC5400, but the truth is that none of them matters, since this name alone should give you an idea of ​​its real speed.

That said, we do not recommend checking the TP-Link wifi router price in Pakistan before buying that is below AC1200, such as AC750 or AC900, as that would be an old technology router and not the best option for modern devices.


In current years, it is very convenient to have a WIRELESS router that has dual band. The dual bands are the renowned 2.4GHz and 5GHz, the former works with older devices and is more resistant to interference, while the latter works better with newer devices and allows for FASTEST SPEEDS and benefits from the popular AC standard.


MU-MIMO (Multi-User Multiple Input Multiple Output) is the ability to transmit to multiple devices at once and to transmit to a single device over multiple data streams. It is extremely necessary for a WIRELESS router to have this function since it allows you to deal with multiple devices at the same time and ensure fast Wi-Fi speed. It is a technology that some of the latest models include and that is something to consider.

Processor and RAM

A frequently overlooked aspect is the processor and RAM of a wireless router, and rest assured that it is more important than it seems. A processor with at least two cores is preferable, and if it is a single-core, that is at least 800MHz; and with 256MB of RAM or at least not less than 128MB.

Puerto USB

Your router should at least have a USB port in homes or offices since this will allow you to connect external hard drives or printers and can be accessed by all the people who connect to the router. In addition, you can have an external hard drive price in Pakistan and some routers with input for other devices, PlayStation, WAN, etc.

Management via smartphone

Before, to manage your router, you needed to access the firmware through your internet browser, which was, and still is for the most part, very complex for the average person. Today, the process has been streamlined and can be accessed through smartphones.

Reviews, especially speed reviews

When reading the specifications of a  wireless router, we are only talking about its performance in ideal conditions and not in everyday conditions. This is why you should read the reviews before buying a wireless router, to find out if the speed or any other aspect is what they say it is or if, in fact, they are defective.

Advanced features (QoS, Smart Connect, and Beamforming)

When these wireless routers are introduced to the public, manufacturers often name these features with catchy and complex names to sound more convincing, so they are worth addressing. There are three in particular that deserve special attention: QoS, Smart Connect, and Beamforming.

QoS: It refers to Quality of Service (quality of service) and it is basically a way to control how much bandwidth is allocated to each device connected to a router. It is worth mentioning that this process is complex for a person who does not handle the terms.

More advanced

However, other more advanced forms of this function have appeared, such as dynamic QoS, also called intelligent or adaptive QoS, which does the work for you of detecting and deciding how much bandwidth each device on the network should have, with excellent results. excellent. If you tend to do large data transfers on the network, this feature is something you might want to have on your wireless router.

Smart Connect: It is a function that gives a name to both frequency bands instead of using different names for the 2.4GHz band and the 5GHz band. When a device connects to the router, this function determines which band is suitable for it and assigns it to it.

Sounds good in theory, but in practice, there have been many complaints that its work is not effective and, in fact, it does the opposite of what is expected. That is, it assigns modern devices to the 2.4GHz band when it should be 5GHz. This is why we do not recommend paying attention to this function

Beamforming –  is included in all modern dual-band wireless routers. It is part of the AC standard and is responsible for concentrating the signal to where the connected devices are instead of focusing them in all directions equally, which increases the intensity of the signal and the speed you get from it. This function has been considered effective and therefore we recommend that you have it in your wireless router.

How do I choose my wireless router?

As you can see in this article, today there are many options for wireless routers. The first thing you have to be clear about is your budget, second, choose the ones that seem to you and make a comparison of the features we present here and if you still have doubts, your best allies are the comments of other buyers who already have that router in House.

What is a wireless router for?

As its name suggests, a wireless router fulfills the function of any other router, that is, sharing the internet connection with other devices, being wireless indicates that you will not need cables to connect your devices to it. What must be taken into account is the type of connection that we want, since by not having a direct connection, the speed is lower.

In summary

The best way to find your perfect wireless router is to spend some time reading each one’s features and buyer reviews to understand if its function meets your needs. Also, it is good to contemplate what type of connection you need, what speed, and if the device offers all these options.

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