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Tips To Maintain Your Limestone

Limestone is a carbonate sedimentary rock that is formed from the accumulation and/or depositing of minerals and fossilized organic particulates. Stone floors, Limestone showers and Limestone counter-tops are all made of limestone, which is a sedimentary rock. Limestone floors are installed strategically inside a home to create a beautiful decorating statement.

Unique Visual Impact

Limestone has many characteristics that make it an ideal material for building materials such as floors, walls, furniture, counter-tops and more. One way to identify limestone will contain fossils of aquatic life and plants fossils, which provide scientists with information on ancient environments and on the evolution of life. Homeowners choose limestone for its unique visual impact on their homes’ interior design scheme because it provides an elegant look that sets them apart from other homes in their area by creating an ambiance that is hard to find in other stone types such as granite or marble.”

The Limestone floor restoration North London a five step program designed to restore your limestone floor to its original glory. Our technicians will first inspect the damage of your limestone, determine what type of stone you have and which restoration technique is most suitable.

Once we have determined that our services for Limestone floor restoration North London are right for you. We will begin by cleaning your floor with specialist techniques and diamond abrasive pads. We then grind back the old surface, hone it out and polish it back to its original lustre.

Once your floor has restored, we will seal it to protect the body of the stone from stain and dirt penetration. There are several different types of sealer, each developed for a specific purpose and type of stone.

Regular cleaning of your restored floor will keep its finish looking good for years to come! We will show you or your cleaning company exactly how to maintain. The restored finish to your stone floor and highlight which products should and should not used.

Periodic follow-up maintenance is necessary as well so we can help keep your new polished finish looking beautiful! The finish we achieve will eventually start to dull and wear away in higher traffic areas. Even with the correct cleaning regime, gritty dust and scratches impair the polished surface.

Correct Cleaning and Maintenance

Limestone is generally a soft, understated stone that has a more open pore structure than marble. Making it more susceptible to deep stains and dirt penetration. This open structure makes it harder to protect as sealers are less effective and don’t offer. The same level of protection as they would on a harder marble. Correct cleaning and maintenance becomes much more important with these types of stone.


Due to limestone’s open structure the only way to keep it looking clean and elegant is to have it regularly maintained. We achieve this with an annual deep clean and re-seal to give it the soft lustre it had when new. We are happy to work out a maintenance schedule with you. That is suitable for the type of limestone and the finish you want to maintain.

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