Tricks to Avoid Extra Expenses in Your Malayalam Matrimony 

Extra financial burden in your Malayalam matrimony is hovering over you continually? Do not worry anymore. The article is a perfect guide to keeping your expenses in control along with perfectly planned ceremonies at your wedding.

Indian weddings are all about extra shopping, fun, food, celebrations, etc. But all these refreshments come at a significant cost. Most middle-class families are entirely drained after their son’s or daughter’s marriage. It exhausts their years of savings from the past and affects their lifestyles in the future as well. Moreover, marriages are usually a one-time thing in India and one of the most special days in a bride’s and groom’s lives. Naturally, people do not think twice before making it a grand affair no matter whatever it costs!

However, such an attitude might become problematic for you later. Many times we even realize that the same arrangements could have been done with lesser money than you already spent. So, it is better to know about some handy money-saving tricks once you fix your marriage date in Malayalam matrimony. Below-given is a guide for the same. These points will ensure that you manage maximum celebration and best arrangements in the most economical way ever! Keep reading to know more!

Re-create and Re-use

Re-use and re-creating something can result in wonders that you can never imagine. It is not just money-saving but also adds a unique touch to your style and attires. For instance, you can easily use some old sarees of your mother to stitch a lehenga or sharara for functions like Mehendi, Haldi, Sangeet, etc. Girls can choose a color likewise to compliment themselves best according to those functions. Also, you can buy heavy laces or stones to stitch them on the border and give an excellent look to your dresses. 

On the other hand, even boys can pick cotton or old silk sarees from their mother to stitch a kurta for themselves to join their betterhalf. You can even borrow some heavy dupatta and buy a white churidar to complement every color attires for your ceremonies. You can even use contrast-colored dupattas to complete the look. But make sure to go to a known or competitive tailor to not mess with your apparel designs at all!

Explore Before Shopping

Everything from attire to jewelry, ritual items, or food is bought in abundance during weddings in Malayalam matrimony. So, investing a considerable amount of time and energy in exploring the best stores in town, is all worth it!

You might even contact some wholesale dealers to know the market price of any particular item to buy from them directly. Also, there are various affordable stores at different locations to help you get the best deals and discounted prices for all the items. For instance, Chandni Chowk in Delhi, Bada Bazaar in Kolkata, Chickpet in Bengaluru, Malad station in Mumbai, etc. are some of the places for the best quality products at pocket-friendly prices. You can visit any of these nearby places to ensure the fulfilled and cheap marketing strategies for your wedding. However, remember to bargain a lot as they do not have any fixed prices for the products.

Try Digital Invitations

New-age India has almost entirely relied upon digitalization for all its affairs. Then why not invitations? Also, you have more chances to play with the patterns of digital cards and check every design before you settle for the best. Moreover, the charges will much less expensive than printing those thousands of offline cards for the Malayalam matrimony wedding. You can even save yourself some time by visiting home to home and places to place to distribute those cards. Instead, you can conveniently talk to people over a call and invite them with utmost humility and gentleness for the wedding. So, isn’t it better to use smart technologies than to lean on the older and expensive ones? 

Do Not Copy

Copying the wedding theme and arrangements of others is the case in every other middle-class family. They see and they do twice the extra in their own weddings despite the limited budget. So, stop trying to impress people and concentrate on impressing your bank balance after the wedding gets over. Obviously, the guests will watch, they talk, but then they leave. Only you, your family, and your betterhalf will be left thereafter to manage the daily bread and butter. 

So, do not copy others’ arrangements in your weddings. Instead, concentrate on making it the best as per your budget and suitability.

Thus, these are some of the many tricks and tactics to save yourself from financial exhaustion at weddings. Make you follow these points religiously to get the best and most subtle experiences in your Malayalam matrimony without much trouble. 

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