Why Developers are Using React & React JS as Their Front-end Programming Language

Front End Development has never been so excited and complex as it is now. There are lots of new libraries, tools, plugins and frameworks emerge into it on every other day. Thus, the developers who are already involved into the front end development sector should make themselves up-to-date because there are lots of things to learn on everyday basis. A proper study plan related to front-end development and JavaScript by well known organizations will always guide you to learn each aspect of front end development which is currently the most demandable in the market. 

So, if you are a web developer and passionately working with modern JavaScript base front end development and also looking for some React courses related to learn React, ReactJS or React.JS and take proper React Training which is a well known JavaScript Framework to develop any component base user interface, then you are in the right place.  

Know More about Basic Technology: 

Starting any new technology is always troublesome. So, before diving into the ocean, you should understand the basic underlying concepts of that technology.  So, while starting to learn React, you have to develop a technology based mindset and then only we can start mixing different mindsets into it. As React is evolving, so you always have to be up-to-date. Some of the recent changes and improvements in React are – 

  • Official Context API
  • forwardRef API
  • createRef API
  • Component Lifecycle Changes
  • Strict Mode

Learn React and React JS:

React Js is an open-source JavaScript front end development package which is use to create single page application user interfaces. ReactJs was create and manage by Facebook and now it has been utilizing in major projects like Instagram and Whatsapp as well. Facebooks React library has taken the front-end development world by storm. More and more people are now using React.JS in their working industry. 

In mobile and web apps, React Js is mainly use to manage view layer. Even reusable UI components can also managed by React JS. The main focus of React JS is to create User Interface (UI) that can increase the speed of the app. It can make the use of the virtual DOM which is a JavaScript object to increase the performance of the app. You can easily integrate it with some other framework like Angular, Backbone JS as it is only a view library.  React JS is able to make the client and server both sides.   

Due to its hue facilities, React has now gain a special position in every organization as from small to medium to big companies, all are now working with React and React JS. So, it is necessary for the developers or the beginners to become expert in this field for which they required proper React JS Training so that they can crack the interview and get good position easily.   

React JS Online Courses to Learn for the Developers:

If you are still in the confusion, whether to learn React or not, then we must tell you that this is the good time to learn React and React JS because several big companies like Walmart, Facebook, Netflix, Airbnb and Uber are all using React in production. Not only that, these companies have make hue investment in React modification and ecosystem, for creating new tools and libraries to simplify and speed up React development. 

Starting with React JS projects for the beginners and also having hands on experience on React JS is always helpful and give best approach to achieve progress. You can able to learn theoretical topics, can prepare yourself for the professional development. And can able to solve different problems by working on smaller yet real-world activities.  As a beginner, developing React JS project can be difficult but breaking down the application into smaller components may simplify the process.   

Some of the best online courses of React JS and React Training are –

Modern React with Redux

It is one of the best course by Udemy. This course will cover most of the fundamentals facts on React and Redux like fundamentals of React, Reacts Custom Markup Language or JSX, state, Props, evening etc. and also few on new topic like ES 6 as well as advance concepts on WebPack and Babel. Also, you will learn to write clean code with the help of the JSX. 

Complete React Web Developer Course

Another great course by Udemy to learn on how to build and launch Web applications. With the help of the Redux, React v16, React Router v4, WebPack and other related technologies. It has also programming challenges and practical exercises which have been design to prepare you properly. 

React 16 – The Complete guide

It is another online course for Angular and React  JS by Udemy. This course will explain everything in such a way that you can easily understand. The complex concept without doing any hard labour. It will cover all the important aspects of React fundamentals like leveraging, building components for making complex GUI. It also gives you some idea of managing React and how you can use Redux along with React JS.    

React JS Training Certification

It is a great course provided by Dot Net Tricks. In this course, you will learn on each topic with hands on labs experience. This learning program includes live project with implementation of recommended design patterns and practices.  Here you will be able to learn JavaScript with OOPS and ES6 and React and Redux from the scratch. Technical Expert and Industry Expert Consultant will provide you the learning skill to integrate React with Node JS and .NET. So, overall you will learn to build a real-world project.

React JS – Getting started

One of the best courses to learn about React library by PluralSight. This course will cover all the features offered by React JS and also elaborate their advantages and disadvantages. Along with important topics of React like data flow, JSX syntax, virtual DOM for describing Markup. People who are related to JavaScript and Front-end programming language, this course would be right choice for them.

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