A Simple Way to Import PST to Office 365

Office 365 provides a secure place for the users for keeping their files safe. And we know that users generally take backup in PST file format for safeguarding the database. But it remains a challenge to keep the PST file safe residing in the local directory. To not get bothered about the safekeeping of the PSTs, users find it effective to import PST to Office 365. Following this, the PST file does not get affected due to any kind of software or hardware crash.

In this article, the talk will revolve around the ways to import PST to Office 365 cloud. If users like to hear about it or get acknowledged need to go through the write-up.”

Reasons to Import PST to Office 365:

  • Accessibility to PST from around the world at any point in time.
  • No need to worry about the PST’s security.
  • It saves users from worrying about the local directory’s space.
  • Hardware crashes would no longer affect the PST.

Various Methods to Migrate PST to Office 365:

The various methods can be listed down for the PST’s migration to Office 365. But here we will talk about the native and one efficient tool from the Professional tool list. 

The native methods are known by the name the Network Upload and the Drive Shipping. Out of the two, the Drive Shipping method requires users to ship the Pen-Drive having a PST file physically to the Office 365 organization. Both of these two methods consume lots of time for the users. Moreover, in these two methods, users face different kinds of hindrances during the process. The disadvantages of using the manual method would be:

  • Way too lengthy and complex method to perform, where users need to have advanced technical knowledge.
  • If the process interrupts in between, there is no way to resume the process.
  • PST corruption often takes place on the PSTs produced through this method.
  • These two methods prove time-consuming to the users.

After listening to all these, if users want to go through the manual method is recommended to backup PSTs before the process.

Most Appropriate Way to Migrate PST to Office 365 

If users are concerned about their time, effort and data recommended to import PST to Office 365 using an automated tool. The Shoviv PST to Office 365 Migration tool tops the row with its magnificent features and simple interface. 

Download the Shoviv PST to Office 365 Migration tool and install it to open and proceed as follows:

Quick Steps:

  • Step1: click on Add OST/PST Files.  
  • Step2: choose between Healthy PST and Corrupted OST/PST Files, Add files and click Next.
  • Step3: now click on Office 365, deal with sub-folders, and hit Next.
  • Step4: provide credentials for Office 365 and press Next.
  • Step5: perform mailbox mapping and hit Next.
  • Step6: use Filters and Advanced options and again tap Next.
  • Step7: the migration process will start; hit Finish when it ends.

This tool can be used to import PST to Office 365 along with the corrupted OST/PST. Moreover, if the process interrupts in between, the tool is capable of resuming the process from where it was left off.

Wrapping Up:

The Network Upload and the Drive Shipping method are the two possible ways to export PST to Office 365. However, both of these two methods are confusing, long, and time-consuming. To avoid the complexity of the process and ensure the security of the PSTs, users can use the Shoviv PST to Office 365 Migration tool. It takes stipulated time and provides easy steps to let users easily import PST to Office 365. Users can also use the FREE demo version of the tool for fair analysis.

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