Are all NBN service providers the same in Australia?

There is no doubt when we heard the word NBN, most people got confused with the actual abbreviation and probably mixed it up with some confusing acronyms. 

However, it is evident that no two NBN providers and their services are the same in Australia. Although every NBN company is running off the same network, with little focus and research, you can find plenty of differences. In selecting an NBN plan, you should make sure your Internet Service Provider (ISP) has everything you want, including how many perks and bundles you want.

When searching for an NBN plan that perfectly suits your requirements, you might be thinking about the overall difference between NBN service providers. New challenger providers have sprung up as a result of the NBN’s rollout.

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  1. What is the NBN service provider?
  2. Ensure what you are looking for
  3. Compare plans and providers
    1. Unlimited standard evening speed NBN 25
    2. Premium evening speed NBN 100
  4. NBN providers for your lifestyles
  5. How can you connect with your NBN service?
  1. What is the NBN service?

NBN provides fast, reliable internet access to all Australian homes and businesses through a Federal Government-funded project. However, the NBN service providers are those who are further providing this service to the end-users. A sturdier, faster broadband network makes sense as internet access has become so integral to work and personal lives.

While you must have to pay for your NBN plan which might include the potential hardware fees if you need a new modem. However, in most cases, the process of connecting your home to the NBN is completely free, but you have to pay fees as applicable to the plan you have chosen. 

  1. Ensure what you are looking for

When you are out to get an NBN plan, compare NBN connection plans thoroughly and make sure to keep an eye out for the things that matter to you, such as price, speed, contract length, setups, and customer service options. In addition, providers will offer a variety of contract lengths, setup fees, home phone options, customer service, and entertainment extras, as well as different types of technology based on the type of connection required. Remember that not every service provider offers every speed tier. 

  1. Compare plans and providers

When you are out in the market, you will see several NBN plans out there. Some independent service providers are offering more exclusive deals than the standard ones. However, the speed of your connection completely depends on the NBN plan you choose and the congestion during peak hours. For instance,  if you have a subscription to an NBN 50 plan, your 50Mbps is shared between every person and device in your household. However, here are the two basic and most widely used NBN plans

  1. Unlimited standard evening speed NBN 50

For households with two people or more, your service provider will generally advise choosing an NBN 50 plan. With this plan, you will have enough speed to ensure everyone can use the internet at the same time, without any fights breaking out over how long it is taking to buffer. 

  1. Premium evening speed NBN 100

If your household has four people or more, it may be better off going with an NBN 100 plan. When you opt for the NBN 100 plan, you should be aware that there are now two different types of NBN 100 plans: NBN 100 / 20 and NBN 100 / 40. Both types of plans offer download speeds of up to 100Mbps, but an NBN 100 / 20 plan has slower upload speeds than an NBN 100 / 40 plan. 

  1. NBN providers for your lifestyles

If gaming is a big part of your lifestyle, you should choose a plan that caters to gamers – MyRepublic and Aussie Broadband are great choices. It is imperative that you have decent download speeds and unlimited downloads. Satellite connections through NBN’s SkyMuster satellite may be necessary if you live in rural or regional areas. 

However, if you are just starting out with a small startup, you can get started with several plans. Compare NBN plans that suit you the best. In Australia, the NBN was a great business venture for many startups – now there are a lot of good providers.

  1. How can you connect with your NBN service?

After you’ve ordered a plan, your NBN provider will organize an installation date and time, plus guide you through anything else you need to know to get connected. Be prepared for the fact that there may be a small period of downtime between switching off your current service if you have any and switching on your NBN. 


Every NBN provider in Australia is distinguishable. Some providers are able to offer perks and bonuses like access to certain free streaming and entertainment add-ons, whereas others can provide cost-effective connections. It is important to note that NBN prices vary widely between providers, and some providers can only service certain connections and speed grades.

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