What to choose between Armed security San Bernardino and unarmed security?

There are many factors to consider when choosing between unarmed or armed security San Bernardino. For example, the type of business you are running is a retail store where customers come and go. Or a manufacturing facility with employees that have access to areas after hours. An unarmed guard may be enough to deter crime. If your business deals with cliente have large sums of money, you might want to hire an armed guard.

Another factor to consider is what kind of training your security guard has had. For example, if they have experience in mediation tactics—like de-escalating situations or calming down customers. You may get away with having unarmed guards at your place of business. But if you have employees who are going through training themselves or such as at a school or university. Then it might be better to hire armed security  San Bernardino instead.

Armed vs unarmed security

When it comes to security, you might have heard “Armed vs unarmed.” However, the most significant difference between armed and unarmed security guards is that unarmed guards do not carry firearms. Other standard weapons can be found, such as batons or pepper sprays which are non-lethal. In rare situations, you may see unarmed security guards San Bernardino with a taser. You will find contract security at locations where the risk for crime is much greater than in other venues. 

Some of the most ordinary are:

  • Retail structures
  • Residential establishments
  • Lodgings
  • Building locations
  • Academies

What Does Armed Security Entail?

Armed security guards are specialized guards that have undergone training to handle a firearm safely. They protect businesses in specific situations, like high-value assets or banks. If you are not sure whether you can hire armed security or not, the answer is an emphatic yes. 

Security in and of itself is a deterrent against criminals and threats, but probably the biggest of them all is someone with an armed weapon. Usually, criminals would think twice before putting their lives in harm’s way where the outcome potentially can cost them their life.

What does unarmed security mean?

The presence of firearms is not always better as it can escalate situations far more than they would have needed to be. Unarmed security can keep calm under pressure while keeping everything under control. An unarmed security professional is responsible for keeping your building, employees and assets safe with a watchful eye.

Security guards are not just there to stand around and look intimidating. They are there to keep your business safe from theft, vandalism and other crimes on your property. Unarmed security guards do not carry guns or other weapons but may carry batons or pepper spray if needed in certain unavoidable situations. Without the ability to carry a firearm.

What Danger Do You Have In Your Business?

Suppose your business is in the higher-risk categories mentioned overhead, or you are at a higher risk than most of being targeted by criminals. In that case, you should strongly consider armed security guards.

Armed officers

Armed security guards are trained to use their weapons to protect you and your employees against violent criminals. In addition, they can be trained to use non-lethal force and lethal force when necessary to protect themselves and others from harm.

Armed security  San Bernardino are not only trained to use their weapons but they are also trained in how to deal with criminal situations like hostage situations and riots. They know how to keep themselves safe while protecting others simultaneously!

If your business is in an area where crime rates are high or criminals have targeted you, you must have armed security guards working for you regularly so that everyone in your business feels safe.

Unarmed officers

The safety of your business is of the utmost importance to any security organization. If you feel that your business’s risk is relatively low, but would still like the presence of security, then you should go with an unarmed guard.

Some businesses have concerns about vandalism or threats at their facility, unsure of which option to choose. Some security consultants would highly advise an unarmed guard to combat those issues in these situations. Combined with CCTV surveillance and a proper access control system. These three can be highly effective in keeping a high-security presence and crime almost non-existent. Crime rate automatically goes down and security concerns are on peak. Because when you are safe and sound then everything goes on the right path.

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