Common issues that married couples deal with

Marriage is a tricky business, no matter what the rom coms have been telling you. While there is nothing as gratifying as a healthy marriage, there is a lot of work that marriage needs.

But you should not be deterred by marriage just because it is difficult; by identifying the problems and finding their solutions, you can have a healthy married life.

However, if your marriage is going downhill, you can amicably divorce by availing counselling for separated couples. But at least try to redeem your marriage by understanding the common problems and remedying them.

Common issues that married couples deal with

Financial issues

Finances are a big bone of contention in most relationships, but especially in marriage. There are various sources of conflicts that finances can bring, including:

  • Dearth of money
  • Disagreements over how to spend money
  • One partner spends most of the money
  • Centering everything around money
  • Prioritizing making money over spending time with family

Communication issues

It is not possible for your partner to always know what you are thinking; you need to communicate your thoughts to them. And when you are not carrying out this vital task, rest assured, your relationship will run into trouble.

Having effective communication allows couples to better understand each other, resolve matters, and avoid conflict. Not investing in effective communication is a common marital problem that has a simple solution.

Issues related to children

While children add a lot of value to one’s marriage, they can bring a lot of conflict in marriage as well. Some common issues that children pose include:

  • Not having enough time to spend with each other
  • Differences in values
  • Stress about giving children a good quality of life
  • Financial issues surrounding childcare
  • Increased workload


Another common issue that married couples face is the boredom brought on by the same routine. Especially when there are children involved, there is little room to try something new or do something fun.

It can then make marriage a chore. Spouses may feel stuck in the rut of life, with nothing exciting happening. Too much boredom can also make people unhappy with their marriage.

Work-related problems

Dual-career couples have a greater set of challenges to face. They not only have to work on their marriage, but also work on excelling in their career. And in this constant struggle, their marriage might suffer.

Some spouses may then sacrifice their careers for the sake of their marriage, which can make them more bitter about their marriage then. On the other end, some might prioritize their career over their marriage.

In either case, the balance is skewed. But such a problem can be resolved by consulting a career coach in Dubai to find a job that can allow you a better work-life balance, whilst also working things out with your partner. To find a professional who can be of help with your career and your marriage, you can visit Fitcy Health and choose from over 200 professionals, available at affordable rates.

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