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Condo Furniture in Toronto You May Buy for Overnight Guests

The last thing you would want is for your guests to feel uncomfortable in your condo. Besides, no hosts like seeing off their guests who had a sleep-deprived night at their condos. In addition, condo doesn’t have enough room to share as well due to its small space. Nevertheless, people can manage their condos for guests as they can manage the place for themselves. Investing in the right condo furniture in Toronto for guests can help condo users best host their guests. Identical to condo furniture for a living, condo users can buy furniture items for guests. Besides, you can also buy condo furniture items from an online furniture store, such as Buona Furniture.

Condo Furniture Items You May Buy for Overnight Guests 

Here are the furniture items you may choose to buy from a furniture store for overnight guests:


Japanese invented the futon, which is a lightweight flexible mattress which you can fold or roll. It’s a multipurpose furniture item that you can also use as a bed for overnight guests. Nonetheless, traditional futons aren’t as comfortable as futons with the comfortable cushioning that modern-day futons have. Therefore, you should also look to buy a futon that has additional seating and a sturdy wooden frame. 

Sofa Bed: 

Sofa beds are multipurpose, functional, and multi-position. Moreover, the modern sofa beds come with many convertible options. You can use them as a convertible chair, Ottoman, recliner, and a bed. You can also adjust the backrest of a 4-in-1 sofa bed to five positions for lounging. Therefore, you may consider investing in a versatile sofa bed for you condo and use it for overnight guests, too. 

Sleeper Sofa: 

Another good furniture item for a condo that you may consider buying for overnight guests is a sleeper sofa. However, everyone doesn’t like to pick this option for a condo. Sleeper sofas have unusual aesthetics and aren’t very comfortable to toss and turn. These days, sleeper sofas have evolved, and you can find them in esteemed furniture stores today. They have enough space to accommodate multiple sleepers. Plus, they are sturdy, easy to clean, and durable at the same time. 

Sleeper Sofa with a Chaise: 

There are plenty of furniture items you can buy from furniture stores for a condo. By the same token, you will find condo furniture in Toronto in an excellent variety in reputable furniture stores. Another item you can choose to buy for your condo to help your guests spend the night is a sleeper sofa with a chaise. A sleeper sofa with a chaise has a split-back construction that you can adjust to use in multiple ways. You can use this furniture piece for seating, lounging, or sleeping due to its split-back.

Inflatable Bed: 

You can also choose to buy an inflatable bed from a furniture store for a condo. It is a compact size option for furniture to put in a condo for guests. People with back or knee problems will feel highly comfortable on an inflatable bed, specifically with double height. Moreover, the built-in dual pump of the mattress inflates in less than two minutes. Storing this handy furniture item for a condo isn’t much of a hassle, too. A premium-quality inflatable bed is portable, prevents leaking, and is affordable to purchase at the same time.     

Folding Bed: 

You may consider buying a folding bed that offers exceptional support and great comfort. It is a practical and portable solution you have for a condo unit. You can use this item for guests who may choose to spend a night in your condo. You can also keep the item in your closet after folding it up when not in use.

Tatami Mattress: 

Tatami mattress can serve you the purpose of hosting your overnight guest if a futon doesn’t suit you. Tatami mattress can serve as a sleeping surface for your guest or a decorating floor covering. One benefit of sleeping on a tatami mattress is that it won’t hurt your back and body. It keeps the back and body straight with your spine neutral. You can easily tuck the item away from your condo when not in use.


Choosing the right furniture for a condo is never easy due to the small space in a condo. Furthermore, choosing the right furniture items for overnight guests can also overwhelm you. Nonetheless, there are many furniture items you can buy from modern furniture stores for a condo. You may consider buying one or a few of those for your condo to use the items for your overnight guests. Here is a list of the items for condo furniture in Toronto you may consider buying for overnight guests from a furniture store:

  1. Futon
  2. Sofa Bed
  3. Sleeper Sofa
  4. Sleeper sofa with a  chaise
  5. Inflatable Bed
  6. Folding Bed 
  7. Tatami Mattress

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