What to look for in a family photography London?

Choosing the perfect family photography London can be a daunting task. This is due to the abundance of great photographers, and they all have their style, approach, editing and more. But do not worry, they have got covered for you! Here are some things to think about when choosing your family or event photographer:

·         Do you want posed or candid shots?

·         What is your budget?

·         Does this photographer specialise in newborns and children, or adults only?

·         How long does it take to edit their photos, and how do they share them with clients?

Portrait vs lifestyle photographer

Are you wondering the difference between a lifestyle photographer and a traditional portrait photographer?

Lifestyle photographers focus on capturing connections and moments that happen organically. They focus less on getting the perfect portrait with everyone looking directly at the camera with a perfect smile but more on capturing the feeling of the families’ connections. Lifestyle photography is ideal for smallish wigglers.

Traditional photojournalists place a greater emphasis on posing and capturing a great picture with others facing the camera.

Judgment tip:  Both photography styles are stunning, however, it simply refers to what you need to get out of your images and what fits your family’s aesthetic better.

Photographer’s methodology

Choosing a family photography London is a big decision. You are about to give them the chance to capture some of the most critical moments in your life. So you want to pick someone who will understand your goals and needs and bring creativity and style to the table.

The first step is to browse the photographer’s portfolio. Each photographer has a signature style or look and feel to their work; this makes them unique among their peers. There are many classifications of “styles” of photography, from light and airy to dark and moody to timeless. These generalisations and labels will likely mean nothing to you but encourage you to look at the photographer’s portfolio. Each project will get a distinct look and feel. Choose a photographer who has an aesthetic that you like.

Decision Lead:  TThese images will most certainly remain on your walls for many years. Choose a shooter with a style that will match your decor and fit nicely in your home and personal style.

The natural vs studio environment

There are two types of family photography professionals: Studio and natural environment.

Most lifestyle family photography London works in a natural setting. It could mean shooting at an outdoor location or potentially in a family’s home. Working in a natural environment introduces more elements for variety into your sessions, such as weather, lighting and scenery.

Some photographers own they can either use their own studio or rent one. Working in a controlled atmosphere, away from the elements, will result in a gallery of photographs that is very consistent and polished.

Optional tip: Choose a place that reflects your family’s personality and how you’ll feel most at ease. Consider an outside session if you enjoy nature and flowers. Would you appreciate your house and the memories it holds? Do an in-home session.

Photographic style

Choosing a photographer that specialises in families will assure you they are comfortable—working For the most excellent and outstanding images, working with children and directing the family dynamic. Knowing which style to use as a photographer is crucial and is right for you. Some photographers specialise in families, newborns, weddings, maternity, engagements etc.

Determination tip: Visit their website for more information. A well-designed website will tell you exactly what it is that the photographer specialises in.


When you are looking for a family photography London, it is easy to get caught up in the excitement of finding someone who fits your style and budget. But if you do not feel comfortable with them, this can lead to an unproductive photoshoot and even worse pictures.

The more at ease you are with your camera operator, the more relaxed you will become with them behind the camera on photo day.  So before booking your session, consider taking the following tips:

·         Ask if they have any recommendations for photographers that they think are similar or completely different from themselves. It will assist you in determining what genre of shooting you want to pursue style works best for your needs.

·         If you do not know the photographer or don’t feel connected to them, set up a meeting with them. There will almost always be similarities to relate to, such as toddlers or being a working parent.

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