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FUE Transplant: Why Is This Transplant The Best To Go With? 

Hair loss is a common concern among men and women these days. It occurs due to several reasons that vary from person to person. Happily, an FUE transplant is a beacon of hope for restoring the hair. It is an ultra-modern surgical hair transplantation procedure that works to deliver exceptional results. FUE stands for Follicular Unit Extraction, which is a highly recommended treatment by experts. It works by relocating healthy follicles from the donor region to the bald region of the scalp. The procedure works with individual confiscation of healthy grafts to fill the bald area on the scalp. Now the thing is to know why FUE is the most recommended hair loss treatment. Let’s check below why it is a worthwhile treatment for hair restoration.

Short recovery time

You would be happy to know that getting this treatment only requires a short recovery time. Hence it is a minimally-invasive treatment that does not require undergoing large incisions. The concept of FUE works with the precise and safe removal of hair follicles without scarring. The surgeon can also implant new hairs by marking tiny holes in the balding scalp. Also, there is no need to suture the wounds. So, you just require one day to recover from the surgery. After removing the bandage, you can return to normal life without any complications.

Invisible scars

FUE is a much better solution to restore the hairs without getting a linear scar on the back of the head. Unlike the strip method, this technique is not inspired by the cutting of skin tissue for follicular abstraction. But it encourages the individualized mining of healthy grafts with a small punching device. Furthermore, FUE transplant can also be integrated with machine-based follicles extraction in groups of 3 to 4 hairs. So, this is a precise method that does not cause visible scarring on the head. You will only get unnoticeable tiny scars on donor areas. Those scars will also fade away over time and can hide under hair.

Quality results

FUE is the most accurate hair transplant technique that derives quality results. With this technique, a hair surgeon can meet your specific requirements for restoring hairs. You can attain a natural shape of the hairline for the front and crown. The surgeon can implant new hairs with a specialized tool that leaves no visible scars. Thus, the appearance of newly grown hair would be natural. Besides, you will get permanent results for hair restoration and get rid of less-effective hair grow products.

Faster healing

FUE transplant holds immense popularity in the group of hair restoration procedures due to this particular reason too. It offers a faster healing time than any other procedure. Hence, there would be no scarring and stitches on your scalp, so you can heal quicker. You do not need to suffer from any side effects as the procedure is less invasive. It only causes a little pain in the head that will go away in one day mostly. It will also not leave your head with scabs and cuts, so you can even keep shorter hairs after surgery.

To sum up

FUE transplant holds an attraction to many patients suffering from hair loss. It is a successful treatment that can work for male and female pattern hair loss. If you want to undergo hair restoration surgery without getting the risk of scarring, FUE is the best solution. This treatment also holds a maximum success rate which is 98 to 100 %. Therefore, Follicular Unit Extraction is really a worth treatment to go with.

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