Full Information Step by Step of Canon Printer Installation

Now, the printer has become an essential part of our day-to-day life. It not only fulfils the office work but also helps complete personal needs. There may be a variety of printers and then among that canon company printer is a good one, and it will give the best services to the people in printing, scanning, faxing and so more. If you are decided to buy the printer for your usage, you have to clear to buy the canon company. In case you may get any doubt, How to setup Canon Pixma TR7020? You do not get to worry about it, and the technical support team will be helpful to you in the proper usage.

Grab the customer service team and then sort out the various issues through technical advice. This article discusses the setup process, so keep in touch with the below passage and then gain more information. Thus, the setup process does not move in the difficult mode, so that it will consider the simplest method. You have to set up the printer the easiest way, as clearly explained below.

Easiest ways to set up the Canon printer:

Thus, you need to use the canon printer in the right way and follow the steps mentioned below as carefully. Of course, How to setup Canon Pixma TR7020? The process is handy, and it will not move out to the difficult process. The steps include

Step 1: Make sure to prepare the printer

Unpack the printer, removing all packages like tapes and other materials. When it comes to handling the process, you have to pay attention to it. Then, the process will move in a protective way. During the process, you proceed with the manual mode for unboxing and do not forget to get any material. And then, insert the connector into the socket for the power. After that, fill the paper in the suitable tray and turn on the printer. These are the first step; you have to clear them and then move on with the second step.

Step 2: place the cartridges and select the language mode

In this step, you have to place the cartridges and then fix the paper in the paper tray, and then now the printer is ready to use. Then turn on the printer and then follow the steps. In addition, to start and complete the process, language mode is important, and then you have to pick the preferred language and give reliable aid to the user.

Step 3: Consider grids to align the scanner.

Of course, the printer first prints a pint to obtain the grids, which means the printer determines whether it prints on the paper. You have to check if you are satisfied with the printer or not; you have to align with the printing grid in the settings. You have to fix the PCB on the scanner, align it, and then run the scanning process.

Step 4: Install software

Now you have connected the printer and go to check out whether your computer controls the printer. In that, you have to install the software as the right canon products. There are several more printers you may find, and there you have to be clear with the exact one product and start your installation process. Thus, install the printer under the drive and start the process. You have to download the software on the original website and then move out to the next process.

Step 5: Bring out the software.

In the first step, you have to open the software and follow its steps. In the second step, you must decide whether you need to connect the printer through wifi or cable. Thus, the installation process will take only a few minutes.

Step 6: Connects the printer.

There are two modes in this process, and you have to pick any one of the steps as per your needs and preference. Both steps are the easiest ones, and then easily connect with them and gain the unique process. Thus, two methods are explained below.

Setup by wifi:

  • In these methods, you are going to move with the wifi connection to connect the printer. In this method, connecting with the printer is the easiest option.
  • On the printer and then move with the setting option and then click the LAN setting options
  • You have to select the default setting or without cable
  • Choose the name of your connection, and that is known to be SSID
  • And then enter the password of the connection and press the Ok.

Connect via cable: 

It is optional, and you have to connect to the printer instead of using wifi. Of course, the installation process is the same as above mentioned one.

These are the easiest and most superb ways to set up the Canon printer.

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