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Is Height Genes Aren’t Everything?

“Nutrition is the primary environmental element that influences the height of a person,” says Chao-Qiang Lai PhD, a researcher molecular biologist at the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). Are you curious about how tall your children will end up becoming? Here’s the formula that pediatricians use to determine adult height:

For Girls: Subtract 5 inches from dad’s height, then average this figure with mom’s height, then subtract and add 2 inches to find the possible range. For Boys Take 5 inches of mom’s height. Average the height of dad with that then subtracts and adds 2 inches to create an approximate range.

To ensure that they’re not slipping up to meet their goals, children should consume the right amount of a balanced diet consisting of vegetables and fruits and cereals, milk and lean protein. It is rich in vitamins and minerals which play an important part in the growth of children.

Mom Was Wrong About Caffeine

It’s a well-worn story that caffeine slows development in children, says Tanya Remer Altman, MD who is an expert pediatric physician who practices in Westlake Village, Calif. and representative on behalf of the American Academy of Pediatrics. However, it acts as a stimulant and may cause sleep issues, irritability as well as headaches. This is the reason doctors suggest to avoid caffeine in children.

What could hinder growth? Smoking cigarettes. A study published from the Annals of Epidemiology discovered that males who regularly smoked between 12-17 were one inch shorter than their non-smokers, but an identical effect was not observed in girls. (Most boys continue to grow during this time and girls aren’t and this could be the reason for the differences).

Certain medical conditions, such as foods allergies, hormone imbalances and kidney, heart or liver issues, could hinder children’s growth like certain medications like stimulant drugs to treat ADHD.

As You Get Taller, The Risk Of Cancer Increases.

The higher your height and the more you weigh, the higher the likelihood of getting cancer as determined by research published by the Journal Lancet Oncology. When they looked over medical information from greater than 1 million British women who were from less than 5ft 1 inch up to 5 8 inches taller they discover that women who were taller had a 37 percent increase chance of developing cancer.

“Tall people could have more cells in their body, which means there’s a greater likelihood that one will develop cancer or be due to the level of growth hormones” is the lead study’s writer Jane Green, a clinical epidemiologist and researcher in the University of Oxford. Similar findings may also apply for men.

Instead, you should focus on reducing risk factors for cancer that you can take action about, such as abstaining from smoking and maintaining an appropriate weight and limiting alcohol consumption.

Being Tall Is Good For Your Ticker

However being smaller could mean an increased risk of suffering from heart disease, as per research published in the European Heart Journal. Researchers discovered that the smallest adult (under five feet three inches) were more likely of suffering heart disease and death from the diseases over taller individuals

 The study, published in New England Journal of Medicine discovered that the genetic factors linked to height may increase your risk of suffering from heart disease. The risk increases by generally 13.5 percent for each 2.5 inches shorter a person is. Studies have also discovered that a poor socioeconomic status as well as its relationship to inadequate nutrition and infections earlier throughout life could be the reason for the link between heart disease and height.

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