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Here Are the Most Common Pests in Toronto and How to Deal With Them

The urban area is home to all of the pests that live in the Greater Toronto Area. Every insect is looking for a cozy place to call home, from bed bugs to raccoons. They’ll be right there as soon as they detect a hole in your house or a way into your clothing or pets.

Pests are attracted to a wide range of houses and food sources in Toronto and the surrounding area. The city has a population density of 4,334.4 persons per square kilometer, making it easier for pests to move between households and businesses. Condos and apartment complexes, which share many facilities, can quickly become breeding grounds for pests traveling from one unit to the next.

However, this is beneficial because it allows you to keep pests out of your home or business. Keeping your home free of crumbs is a good start, but you’ll need to take other steps to keep insects and rodents out. It’s critical to understand some of Toronto’s most common pests and how to keep them from becoming an infestation in your house.

Bed Bugs

It’s no surprise that Toronto earned the “Bed Bug Capital of Canada.” We’ve all come across someone who has had to deal with bedbugs at some point. Preventative actions are essential because of the high occurrence of these crimes in this city. The first sign of these intruders is small dark stains on your mattress. Bed bugs may only be removed by hiring a professional bed bugs control services. You can also notice dried blood or little bites on your body. Human blood-feeding bugs spend their days hiding under beds, on mattresses, and in linens.

How to Kill Bed Bugs

Use a vacuum to get rid of bed bugs. Use it on everything from your beds and carpets to your dining room table and other wood furniture to keep your home free of bedbugs. Bed bugs aren’t merely a problem for those who sleep in their beds, despite their name. Check any packages from other nations, and wash any clothing or bedding you buy from a consignment or secondhand store. An infestation may be difficult to eradicate unless you employ pest control in toronto professional.


Cockroaches are a common annoyance in Toronto. They’re drawn to food, and this metropolis produces much of it. Because they are nocturnal, they may go unnoticed throughout the day. You might see them fleeing into the shadows if you leave the kitchen light on at night. Cockroaches are most commonly seen in the kitchen or trash cans. If you don’t put away your cooking items the night before, you risk an insect infestation.

Stopping Cockroaches from Entering Your Home

Cockroaches can be kept at bay by maintaining rubbish and food scraps out of their reach. For all of your meals, switch to glass or metal containers. All cupboards and pantries in the kitchen should be adequately sealed. Cockroaches are tough to exterminate if you live in an apartment building since food from your neighbor’s unit may introduce them to yours. Request that the landlord contacts a pest control firm if an infestation occurs in an apartment.


The city of Toronto has embraced raccoons as its unofficial mascot. Some of our neighbors adore them, but many Toronto residents consider them a nuisance. Because of their nocturnal habits, encountering a raccoon late at night might be unsettling. Raccoons can get aggressive and indignant when startled, so watch them burrowing under garbage cans and dashing along fences. You should look out for these pests if you have an attic or a shed. They can cause a lot of damage to a house while attempting to create a den.

How to Keep Raccoons Away

Raccoons are commonly found in the dark, abandoned areas. Leaving the lights on in the attic at night may deter them from invading your personal space. They may flee searching for a new home if they are fascinated by light or music. Raccoons may only be removed by hiring a professional raccoon removal service. Raccoons can be humanely removed in Ontario if the state’s standards are followed. It is forbidden to kill or move them more than a kilometer from their current place. Because of the complexity involved, it’s better left to the professionals to get rid of these disguised bandits.


In Toronto, rats and mice can be seen in large numbers. You might hear them before you see them. Rats and mice can be heard running around the walls of a house late at night, looking for food or a spot to build a nest. There is another clear evidence of their presence, in addition to their feces: If you have rat droppings, you can tell them apart from mouse droppings by looking at them, making it much easier to come up with a solution. Rat excrement is larger and more spherical than human dung, resembling an olive pit.

Every resident of Toronto should be aware of how to avoid a rodent infestation. Many historic and venerable residences in Toronto are especially subject to rodent infestation. Cracks in a building’s exterior are especially harmful. Some mice can fit through a hole the size of a pencil eraser. On the other hand, mouse droppings are about the size of a grain of rice.

How to Kill Rodents

The first step is to seal all the holes and crevices in your home. Finally, eliminate all food temptations. Maintain a clean environment and store all food in glass or metal containers. If you still can’t keep them out on your own, consider calling a pest control company.


Over 12,000 species of ants vary significantly in appearance. Ants have six legs and two antennae that resemble legs. You may encounter brown robber ants and 13-mm black carpenter ants in Ontario.

Ants, like many pests, prefer to live near food. Ants may nest nearby on the ground or under your sidewalk. They can survive near you if they find a warm, wet area, like behind your heating system or a cupboard.

Some Canadian ants bite and irritate. Carpenter ants are the most damaging to Canadians because they break wood to establish nests, causing property damage.

To avoid ants

Ants are attracted to various foods, but peanut butter and other sweet and greasy foods are beautiful. There are multiple strategies to keep these pests at bay; food that appeals to you should be stored in airtight containers. Clean up any liquid or food spills thoroughly with water and soap. Empty the crumbs from your toaster regularly to keep it clean.


Rather than wasting time and money on futile DIY projects, hire an exterminator to eliminate rats and bed bugs in your house. Pests and rodents can cause significant damage to your property. The longer they stay in this situation, the worse it will become. To get rid of your worries, contact a pest control agency. An experienced pest control expert will evaluate your property thoroughly and recommend a long-term solution. You can feel assured that if you hire them, your home will be free of pests like raccoons and mice once more.

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