How to draw the police man

How to draw the police man. Draw a nice font with simple drawing instructions and a tutorial step by step. Ideal for children and beginner artists! The police, like doctors, teachers, and firefighters, are civil servants. Your work is to apply the law to maintain peace, maintain public security and examine crimes. Their unique uniform can easily recognize the police. You can also wear a badge, weapons, handcuffs, and drive a police car. Some work with police dogs known as the K9 unit.

The police agents are often represented in popular culture. Countless films and television programs have focused on the life and work of the natural and fictional police. In the animation, the familiar characters belong to the topic of the Chase police, the top dog in Paw Patrol, and the sheriff Woody by The Disney Toy Story Film and its suites. Would you like to draw a cartoon from a police officer? This simple cartoon caricature -Distribution -Tutorial can show you how. What do you require?

Drawing the police

Step 1:

First, start with the face of the police. Use curved lines to track the irregularly rounded shape of the eyes and the eyelids, the nose, and the mouth. Share a large circle in every eye to display the students.

Step 2:

Use curved lines to describe the sides of the head, ears, cheeks, and chin. Also, use short lines for eyebrows and bypass the interior of the ears.

Step 3:

Use curved lines to describe the hair, hat, banner, and crown of the police cap.

Step 4:

Complete the outline of the police hat with a curved line. Then draw an overturned curved triangle in front of your hat. Then draw curved lines to draw the curved rectangular and triangular shapes of the shirt chain and close the neck. Use curved lines to draw the tie and a curved line with your shoulder. This line begins with the officer’s hand.

Step 5:

Use curved lines to sketch the Schield -changed badge shape. Draw a big loop in the middle of the police badge with a curved rectangle. Use curved lines to lock the officer’s fingers because he holds the badge.

Step 6:

Draw a five-point lead in the center of the badge. Then use curved lines to outline the officer’s body – his chest, shoulder, arm, and hand. Note the curved line that distinguishes your belt.

Step 7:

Draw a square in a square to form the belt loop. Draw a small oval that overlaps the inner circle. Then draw the circular body of the handcuffs that hang on the belt. Observe the outline at the top of the circle and the curved line, which gives you a three-dimensional appearance.

Step 8:

Draw the different circular ends of the handcuffs and finish the strap and upper body. Use curved lines to outline the leg and curved rectangular shape of the officer’s hip.

Step 9:

How to draw the police man

Use curved lines to finish the design of the pants and enter the irregular shape of the shoes.

Step 10:

How to draw the police man

Dye, your comic officer. Most blue uniforms wear the police, while the sheriffs usually wear brown.

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