How To Fix Server Error 501 In A Couple Of Seconds?

In general, when you visit a web page, your browser makes an instant request to the web server for the site response. Unless the server does not support the required functionality to fulfill the request, the Server Error 501 code appears. However, when it comes to loading a page, the desired request should be made to the web server at any cost. It is vital because after receiving the accurate request the server understands and hence throws certain content on the browser’s screen. Don’t get disappointed! If you are getting prevented from opening your website due to the 501 not implemented server error. The proactive troubleshooting guide to deal with it is at your fingertips. You only have to feast your eyes on the blog post to learn the solving method.

The Error 501 Can Be Seen In A Couple Of Different Variations

Each web browser has its own ability to throw the HTTP Error 501 message. There is a variation in seeing the error because the browser decides what to display on the screen. The most generic possible messages could be represented as:

  • 501 Not Implemented
  • Server Error 501
  • HTTP 501
  • HTTP Error 501 Not Implemented

What Causes The Server Error 501?

There are a few common and most feasible reasons why a server won’t meet the desired browser’s request and hence causing an HTTP 501 Error. Here’s the list:

  • Most probably, the owner of the web hosting server hasn’t enabled a feature that is essential to fulfilling the request.
  • There’s also the chance that a piece of required software and plugin is not correctly installed for your web server.
  • You could also confront a 501 Not Implemented Server Error when the web server is outdated or unmaintained.
  • In rare cases, the site is under construction due to which the owner set something up wrong.
  • Most probably, the web server software you chose is incompatible with a feature on the site.
  • Due to a virus or malware attack, you won’t open your website.
  • The overloaded server could also result in the Server Error 501 issue.
  • Incorrect network settings may also lead to the same error.

Stepwise Instructions To Fix Server Error 501

It is very much clear that the problem isn’t with the computer or web browser for the occurrence of HTTP Error 501. You will have to ensure that there is no technical glitch with your web server or the site running on it. Furthermore, you are required to implement the below-noted instructions to get the server 501 not implemented error disappeared. Let’s follow!

Fixing Method 1: Reload The Page

The top-most and the effortless step you should take when experiencing Server Error 501 — or any error for that matter — is to refresh the web page. All you have to do is wait a few minutes and simply click the “Refresh” button on the upper left side of the screen.

The alternative way to refresh your site is to press the “F5/Ctrl+R” keys on your keyboard.

If the error completely disappears, congrats! It was just a temporary minor error between the servers. But, if, unfortunately, the same issue persists yet, continue with the second solving guide explained underneath.

Fixing Method 2: Remove Browser’s Cache

The Web Browsers’ function is basically to store data so that there is no requirement of loading websites every time you access them. It’s something called caching.

Invalid login credentials may sometimes be stored in your browser which can further be disrupting the log-in process. In such a circumstance, you have to delete the stored cache and then try to attempt the site to run.

Fixing this issue is somehow simple and less time-consuming. Here are instructions on how to clear cache in the Google Chrome browser:

  • On your Windows Operating device, launch the Google Chrome browser.
  • At the extremely top right corner, click on the “More” tab.
  • After clicking the “More” tools and place a tap on the “Clear browsing data” tab.
  • At the top, select the specific time range as per your interest. To delete everything, simply select the “All time” option.
  • Next, make sure the checkboxes behind the options “Cookies and other site data” and “Cached images and files” are ticked. Ultimately, you have to check the boxes anyhow.
  • In the end, just click on the “Clear data” blue-button tab.

Now, after clearing the cache, check if the site starts loading or yet showing the Server Error 501 Not Implemented message. You can move on to the next fixing method if it didn’t work in getting your server problem resolved.

Fixing Method 3: Perform A Virus Scan

It is already discussed in this post that the cause for a Server Error 501 can be because of having the system infected with viruses or malware. Therefore, keeping your antivirus up to date and performing a full scan is always necessary in order to eradicate the 501 http error. Make sure the reliable Antivirus software is installed in your Windows for scanning and quickly removing viruses or threats.

If even after scanning your Windows System, you encounter HTTP Error 501 while browsing your site, move ahead to the next fixing tip.

Fixing Method 4: Disable Proxy Server Settings

If your browser is already been set up to use a proxy server, this may be the cause of the failure of accessing the website. This probably happens because the use of this feature can make it intricate to access the page. That’s why, you are always recommended to check whether the feature is enabled in your web browser. If really it is so, make the proxy server settings disabled first and then try to access the site.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully! You are now applicable enough to disappear the Server Error 501 not implemented error in a pinch. But, if you still have any doubts and need advanced technical assistance from qualified engineers, contact us ASAP. We are available round the clock at the provided helpline number. Anytime from anywhere you can connect with one of our talented team and share the problem you experience. The 501 http server error will surely be instantly annihilated from the root.

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