How You Can Make Strong Paper Boxes

Now people are shifting towards more eco-friendly solutions in the packaging. They prefer those products and brands that clams themselves as sustainable. The primary part of any item is its primary and secondary packaging. So the secondary package plays an essential role in eco-friendly nature. So keeping these things in mind, all businesses are moving towards paper material. Most of you use paper boxes to contain items, gifts, and even a home-based business.

Whether it is a bakery business or clothing, this packing material is best. Numerous wholesale companies can design and print the perfect package for you, but if you are into DIY and want to express your customer gratitude, you can make your strong box. If you are a DIY lover and believe in creativity, this project is for your kids to art and craft. This homemade package can be piggy boxes, product packaging, trinket boxes, treasure containers, gift containers, storage boxes for office supplies, etc.

So now, it is the right time to create a paper package. It may look not very easy, but it is easy—all you need to require the straight folds and little concentration. So get ready to make the sturdy and durable package with paper.

Paper Boxes and Perfect Usage

You can utilize these colorful and sturdy packages for the coming holidays. So think how grateful your friends are when they receive the Christmas gift for the birthday present on the DIY paper boxes for gifts. On the other hand, you can store office supplies, stationeries, and whatnot for gift purposes. It is the best container for holding your cosmetics or choosing the color that complements the vanity table because it compromises the presentation.

But most of you must consider using these magnificent containers as gift boxes, so do not worry because now you will learn all tips and tricks about making a sturdy package with this material. So turn off your favorite TV show and enjoy making these packaging right now!

Get Ready with all Supplies

Here you will make the box with vivid and bright colors. You can choose whatever colors you like. You can pick different shades for li and the bases to be a little creative. If you are making this packaging for gift purposes, it is best to choose various colors like blue, fuchsia, violet, yellow, orange, etc. For the office, stationery holders move toward more subtle shades. So get ready to gather all the supplies mentioned below.

  • Printer paper or thick sheets of paper in any two colors (8.5*11)
  • Scissors
  • Ruler 
  • Pencil
  • Some stones or beads (optional)
  • Glue

Follow the Steps Carefully!

Once you have gathered all the supplies, it’s time to make the most beautiful and sturdy boxes for gifts, so here are the detailed steps.

  1. Take the one sheet of your choice (8.5*11) in any color and make a square. First, create a star score with the fingernail. Then, run the fingernail on each of the folds to make it significant. Other than a fingernail, you can use anything pointed.
  2. Move the bottom corner once you make the square and fold it up to the top.
  3. Use the scissor and cut the remaining paper to make the perfect square. Be sure to create the square to get the ideal box.
  4. After that, you need to fold the paper in a triangle shape (half)
  5. Now unfold the half triangle shape, and now it’s time to fold the remaining areas in a rectangular shape. So now you have folded the square paper in half rectangle and half triangle and unfolded it.
  6. Now it’s time to fold the bottom area towards the centerline. So now repeat the fold to make quarter creases.
  7. Now repeat this in the opposite direction. So first crease it in a rectangle shape (half) after then on fourths. In the end, you have around squares of 16 inches.
  8. So make the cootie catcher, so now fold all the corners towards the center of the square. So you are close to the box!
  9.  So score and complete with the fingernails.
  10. So now it’s time to pull two opposite flats of the triangle.
  11. So now fold the triangle at the bottom to the centerline.
  12. Same procedure on the top triangles
  13. Now unfold the last two folds.
  14. Two triangles: the other pulls out.
  15. Repeat steps 13 and 24, and here you go!
  16. Now you can create the most fantastic box! Now pull up the long size to make the box.
  17. Fold the top and bottom into a package to make the other walls. Then, at the center of the base, fold the tip.

Pro tips for you: Learn to make the box bottom. You have to trim 8.5*11 inches of paper’s two sides before making the desired square. By doing this, you make the base of the container smaller than the lid.

Decorate Paper Boxes!

Now you have the most colorful and robust box for storing things and gift purposes. Why do not you add little glam to it? Now it is time to add some stones or beads to the box. Making various Patterns with paints also looks excellent.

 If you use it as a soapbox, paste the dry flower on its minor. It gives the impression of 100% eco-friendly packaging. The basic idea about the gift boxes is that you can make them more innovative with other techniques.

In a Nutshell

These boxes are sturdy and can hold precious items pretty well. If you think this DIY is not for you, then get the cheap packaging from the paper boxes wholesale companies and decorate these cardboard boxes with them.

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