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A person only purchases products that they can see, which is a standard buyer behavior over time. This habit is particularly noticeable when a customer visits a physical store to see if a product is in stock before making a purchase. When it comes to online purchasing, it’s no different. Customers prefer to search for photographs or videos of the goods on the brand’s website rather than trying on a physical thing. Magento is a robust and customizable platform, as we all know. It provides customers with all of the essential elements for creating an e-commerce business, but that doesn’t mean it’s without flaws, one of which is the default gallery. A photo gallery is a more advanced form of utilizing product photographs to boost sales and establish client trust. So, to get your customized photo gallery for your Magento store, hire Magento developers.

What are the Benefits of Photo Gallery for Magento 2 Stores?

Product photos are an essential component of every e-commerce firm because they assist customers in visualizing the items they are about to purchase. Customers are more confident in making a purchase, which is the most critical factor. That leads us to the heart of the matter: Why is it necessary to have a photo gallery on your website? vs. image optimization?

  • Showcase your products and exceptional services to your customers on your website with a variety of high-quality product photos.
  • You may create photo galleries for numerous categories and client groups, not only product photos.
  • Provide excellent support for future marketing efforts.
  • Allow website visitors to better comprehend and picture your items in action, resulting in increased product or service sales.
  • Keep potential clients on your site long enough to get interested in one of your products or services displayed in the photo gallery by giving them an overview of your business, products, and services from multiple perspectives.

A picture can convey a message considerably more effectively than words. The problem is if you can transform it into one of your most significant competitive advantages over your rivals. Therefore, one can avail of the Magento Development services from a reputed agency to install the image gallery extension in the Magento 2 store. 

Describe the features of the Image Gallery Reliable for Magento 2 Store?

The Magento 2 Image Gallery for Magento 2 Stores allows you to show image and video galleries across your store. You can add an unlimited amount of photographs and videos to your store, assign them to one or more galleries, and post them on any page and in any position. Customers will be able to browse image and video galleries relevant to your company’s events, offices, goods, and more by visiting a dedicated gallery website. You can also use the widget to add the gallery to any other page and position it.

The plugin has two gallery layout options (filters and without filters), a lightbox on each image and video with thumbnails, as well as the ability to close, enlarge, play, and pause the gallery. In addition, Image Gallery for Magento 2 is totally mobile responsive. Before you hire Magento developer to install the Image gallery extension for your store, we have discussed the benefits of the image gallery which every user wants to enjoy in their store:

Unlimited Galleries & Images

With the help of the extension, one can create numerous galleries, upload photographs, and assign those images to one or more galleries.

YouTube & Vimeo Videos

You can make as many video galleries as you want or galleries that include both images and videos. The gallery image includes the embedded URL key of a YouTube or Vimeo video.


The photographs and videos will be shown in a visually appealing lightbox window. On the lightbox, customers can switch between images and videos. Additionally, the plugin supports a variety of lightbox features, including expand, picture title, thumbnail helper, an appearance effect, play, pause gallery, and more.

Choose a layout type.

Create galleries with or without filters using one of the two layouts offered. Customers can shuffle, sort, and search photographs within galleries that are shown with filters. Display the galleries without filters by selecting a template (grid or slider).

Search Engine Optimized

Define each gallery page’s meta title, meta keyword, and meta description. It’s good for SEO because it helps you rank higher in search results and get more traffic.

Dedicated Gallery Page

Customers can browse image and video galleries linked to your company’s events, offices, goods, and more on a dedicated, SEO-friendly gallery page (for example,

Gallery Widgets

A gallery can be placed on any page and in any position using the widget. A different widget gallery can be created and inserted on any page and in any place. Configure the gallery options for each widget (layout, template, and lightbox theme). 

Mobile-Friendly Design

Mobile devices are completely responsive to the Image Gallery add-on. It can be scaled to fit any device and looks excellent on any screen size.

Configuration Options

The extension’s admin page allows you to customize all of the extension’s features. You can use the admin interface to enable or disable the extension and select the gallery layout (with or without filters).

  • On the item, change the gallery name and description, as well as the image name and description.
  • define the number of images to show on each page
  • show or conceal grayscale on gallery and image item
  • allowing for picture sorting (ASC, DESC), shuffle, and search;
  • To display the photos and videos, select a lightbox theme (light or dark).
  • define the gallery page’s metadata (title, keyword, and description)
  • The title and description of the gallery index page will be displayed
  • It’s helpful to provide users with a description of the page.
  • Show or conceal the gallery link in the page’s footer and top links, and choose the text for the gallery link;
  • You can also customize the extension for each website, store, and store view.

Final Words

Hence, we have taken you through all the features of the Image gallery used for the Magento 2 store. So, if you want to integrate this extension into your online store, hire Magento developer to improve the aesthetics and visual appeal of your online store. You may also make a product video album using this add-on.

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