iPhone 14 Pro: Let’s Appraise Its Every Single Feature

True! The iPhone 14 Pro is the great example of brand’s iPhone technology. This 6.1-inch gadget is not too large and the front got the transformation with the fantastic “Dynamic Island & always-on display traits. Furthermore, it maintains the performance lead or rivals with the A16 Bionic chip, and the improved camera system pleases everyone. Interestingly, people with the desire of having the largest iPhone screen gets paired with the performance of this smartphone, you wish to go for the expensive iPhone 14 Pro Max. Yes, this specific iPhone is similar to the Pro Max version other than the battery life and size. No doubt, it is cheaper with being pocketable and honestly, there is much to cover about it.

In various ways, the iPhone 14 Pro in in the limelight in the tech world and it owns dozens of new features, and is the first ever iPhone along with the “Pro Max” in 5 years without having the notch. while the features of always-on display, enhanced changeable-refreshing-rate screen, and pixel discarding for the photography bring the iPhone 14 Pro series into the arrangement with the Android options in the market. At times it feels like the brand plays catch-up but the experts are sure that the Apple never sees it in that way.


While the brand has not revamped the iPhone’s design language with the current devices, the iPhone 14 Pro and its elder sibling, the iPhone 14 Pro Max is the great freshening option. Right from back, this superb iPhone 14 Pro resembles the fantastic iPhone 13 Pro. Both own the stainless-steel frame with the remarkable brushed-glass-back & the shiny screen that gets protected by the brand’s Ceramic Shield, the see-through material containing ceramic crystals for the additional screen protection. There are few tiny chassis variances. This phone measures the 71.5 x 147.5 x 7.85mm and weighs at the 206 grams making it the longer as well as thicker compared to the iPhone 13 Pro. According to the tech experts the dimensions are identical that the iPhone 14 Pro gets in the case iPhone 13 Pro case ideally. While checking the store of Amazon for smartphones, never forget to cash out the Amazon coupon code.

Battery & Processor

Yes, it promises little improved longevity compared to 13 Pro with the battery of 3,200mAh advocating for grabbing this phone for longer work and fun sessions. Additionally, the brand has not publicly mentioned the capability the iPhone 14 Pro’s battery. Instead, in the views of many tech experts the battery-time promises are slightly greater compared to the iPhone 13 Pro and the brand claims 23 hours of the video playback compared to the 13 Pro’s 22 hours. Those specific gain mostly come from the proficiencies of the four-nanometer A16 Bionic along with the flexible refreshing rate, and “not a massive battery”. Furthermore, the iPhone must have its platform and iOS 16 that ships with every iPhone 14 variant is above than just the window-dressing. It changes few necessary aspects of iPhone; not only does a customer have latest and great hardware traits but also he/she enjoys seeing this phone working in the unexpected and pleasing ways. One of the major changes is the lock-screen and for adding to the capability of having various customized lock-screens, “everyone can be associated to various focus-setting”, it has few really perfect image division technology.

Storage Ability

Yes, you find different variants of this phone when it comes to storage abilities starting from 128GB, 256GB, 512GB and 1TB. The RAM exists at the 6GB and that plays the great part in ensuring the smoother running of this phone. Furthermore, the capability of this particular RAM with these storage options makes this smartphone capable of running games and workloads ideally. Additionally, the base model with the 128GB starts at $999 and yes, you won’t find choices for additional RAM beyond the standard one integrated on this iPhone. As far as 256GB is concerned, so it is the great pick to download some movies as well as shows and a massive space for lots of games as well as apps along with your photos. The 1TB option sets you free from using the iCloud storage, so go with the most suitable one for yourself.


Yes, Apple has not altered the camera array’s shape but essentially each factor of the iPhone 14 Pro’s rear cameras is fresh. If you talk about three major lenses, so they are:

48MP wide (24mm f/2.8)

12MP ultra-wide (13mm f/2.2)

12MP telephoto (77mm f/2.8)

They are amazing lenses and massive sensors and the most stunning camera happen to be the 48MP sensor. This is the brand’s initial pixel-binning sensor and it takes the 12MP images, with the four pixels blended into single effective huge pixel resulting in the super little-light performance as well color fidelity.


Apple’s current silicon happens to be the great update over A15 Bionic. The A16 Bionic is made on the more striking four-nanometer procedure and has the 6-core CPU along with the 5-core GPU and the 16-core neural engine. They all transform it into the great component boosting-up the performance of this top-class iPhone and interestingly, it also has one billion additional transistors compared to the A15. Interestingly, with this powerful specification, you not only accomplish your formal routine work easily but you also make the most out of it for fun activities.  

The Release Time of this Specific iPhone

Apple manifested its complete iPhone 14 series on the 7th Sept of 2022. Furthermore, the pre-orders started from the 9th Sept and went on the sale on 16th Sept. if you have made-up the mind to snag the iPhone 14 Pro, head to amazing deals available on the internet and add one of the ideal gadgets to your life.

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