IRCTC Agent Registration

IRCTC Agent Registration

Indian Railways, which operates the fourth-largest rail network in the world, along with the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation Service, have created a unique offer only for you.
The Indian Railways' online ticketing and catering system is run by the Indian Railway Catering and Ticketing Corporation.
Online reservations make up more than 55% of all rail tickets.
You can make up to Rs 1,00,000 per month as an IRCTC authorised agent.
All ticket kinds, including Tatkal, Waiting, and RAC, can be reserved through an authorised agency.
This service is compensated with a commission.
With this, agencies can provide all other services, including the booking of buses, hotels, vacations, and travel packages. And you
can make as much as 1,00,000 each month. 

Benefits of IRCTC Agent Registration
IRCTC commission is Rs.20/40 per PNR, plus PG fees.

The IRCTC website will display the agent's name.

Railway agencies do not require a trade license.

The ticket will include your agency's information.

IRCTC agents can use the web gateway to make quick reservations.

The cost of your train ticket is debited from your wallet, so your ticket is created faster.

A simple procedure can lead to you becoming an IRCTC agent.

Earn a consistent monthly income of up to INR 80,000/- or perhaps more.

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