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Is Erectile Dysfunction And Sleep Apnea Related?

Are ED and APNEA related? Many studies suggest they are. Unfortunately, we don’t yet know exactly how they relate to each other. However, a number of factors may be contributing to poor sex lives and ED. Read on to learn more about the connection between the two conditions. Listed below are some possible causes of ED.

Sleep apnea can cause low testosterone levels, which can contribute to ED, and many patients with sleep apnea do have ED. Both ED and sleep apnea are often curable conditions. Treatment is determined on the underlying cause. If any or both of these diseases occur on a frequent basis, a person should consult a doctor or healthcare professional.


There are a few studies showing a strong association between OSA and ED. Schiavi et al. found a prevalence of 64.4% for men with OSA and 18.8% for men with ED, whereas a recent study by Gurbuz et al. found an association of ED with OSA that was similar to the findings of the other studies. In addition, both studies confirmed that age had a significant effect on erectile dysfunction in OSA patients. Fildena is best medicine to cure erectile dysfunction.

One study found that obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) and erectile dysfunction share several risk factors. Both conditions are associat with poor sleep quality, low nitric oxide production, and underlying cardiovascular conditions. Earlier research had also demonstrated an association between apnea and ED. While sleep apnea has been link to erectile dysfunction, the findings were not conclusive. Further scientific research is need to determine the relationship between OSA and erectile dysfunction.

OSA and ED often occur simultaneously. Treatment for OSA can improve oxygen levels and erections, while reducing the symptoms of both disorders. The improved oxygen levels can also help to boost the production of natural testosterone in men with ED. Taking the appropriate medications and making lifestyle changes may also help. However, if ED symptoms are a cause of apnea, treatment for OSA is not enough to overcome the condition. Vidalista 20 is use to treat ED.

The underlying cause of APNEA is unclear. However, there are two main symptoms associated with OSA: a decreased erectile function and worsene body image. However, despite this association, both conditions can cause sexual dysfunction. The main causes are unclear, but some studies suggest that the two conditions are related. And some of the common risk factors are the same.


Sleep apnea and erectile dysfunction may be link. Both disorders affect the parasympathetic nervous system, which regulates many bodily functions, including sexual arousal. Treatment for sleep apnea, or OSA, is available. Treatment may improve the quality of sleep, lead to more frequent erections, and prevent other health problems.

While there is no definitive link, erectile dysfunction and sleep apnea share several risk factors. Obesity, underlying cardiovascular conditions, and low nitric oxide levels are common risk factors for both conditions. Sleep apnea and erectile dysfunction may be symptoms of serious systemic disease or cardiovascular conditions. While the connection between the two conditions is not yet clear, research shows that a connection between the two disorders is possible. You can get Cenforce 100 from the best online pharmacy Medzsite.

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