Kanat Sultanbekov – What Role Do Project Managers Play in The Construction Industry?

When it comes to building and construction projects, the role of the project manager is crucial. In fact, he is the leader of the project and brings the team of workers, suppliers, owners, subcontractors, and other people associated with the project together. In order to carry out his roles and responsibilities for the project, the manager needs to possess certain traits that set him apart from the rest of the workers on the project to successfully complete the work on time and on a budget!

Kanat Sultanbekov – Good communication, team management, operational and technical skills

Kanat Sultanbekov is an esteemed and widely respected name in the construction sector in New York. He is known for his talent and skills when it comes to completing all his projects in time with the highest safety standards. As an experienced construction manager, he is able to combine strategic planning, risk assessments, and operational processes successfully to ensure there are no errors even if the work is being done for the first time.

The delegation of tasks

Every project manager should have the technical knowledge to understand the scope of the work that needs to be done on a specific day. At the same time, bringing workers from different trades is a big task that has to be done smoothly. Every worker should be in a position to understand the type of work that needs to be done on that day with the proper safety information, especially if heavy equipment or power tools are involved.

The project manager is responsible for scheduling these tasks with a specific timeline for the day. He must maintain records about the start and the end date of every project so that the progress of the project can be tracked. Every experienced construction manager knows that no two projects are the same, and this is why it is crucial to treat them with a customized schedule plan. Site visits before the commencement of the project are important for evaluating risks and the possibility of potential delays to the project. While managing projects, managers must be ready with a master plan and backup plans to ensure the work does not stop, and the project does not lose time or money.

Cash management

Every project manager is responsible for cash flow management for their projects. The project manager has to keep track of billings and ensure collections are made in time so that the project does not stop due to the lack of funds. This task is challenging, and with experience, one learns how to stop cash shortages and keep the project running successfully on track.

According to Kanat Sultanbekov, project managers must work on their oral and written communication skills to keep everyone associated with the project on the same page. Challenges and problems often delay work, so the manager should have good troubleshooting and problem-solving skills too. Planning is crucial, and being informed with reports is a great way to track progress and successfully keep the project running as per its timeline.

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