Let’s Dive Into the Pizza Packaging & Find the Best Box

Pizza Packaging is the art and science of enveloping a pizza or packaging it into a box.  The purpose of packaging is to secure, take-out, and advertise pizza. Almost all packaging materials are paper or plastic, depending on the kind of product. However, with eco-friendly materials, different types of Custom Pizza Boxes have also made their place in the crowd of other boxes.

It does not matter which shape or structure of packages you choose for your pizza, the material of the selected boxes defines your capacity to select the best packaging for your pizza. So, tighten your seat belt well since we will dive into the sea of packaging to find the highest-quality boxes for your beloved pizza.

The Basic Material of Pizza Boxes

Corrugated cardboard is the primary material for making pizza boxes. This cardboard is prepared from three layers of paper stuck together with the help of glue. Though new designs are available with the advancement of technology, traditionally, packaging companies print cardboard with required designs, and a die machine cuts it into different pieces. These pieces are the parts of a pizza box.

However, there is also an offer of Customized Pizza Boxes, customized according to the will of the pizza owner. 

Select the shape, design, structure and even the material of your wish and plan to make your customers say “Wow”!

The Role of Pizza Saver

Have you ever seen a round plastic once you open your pizza box? Yes, this round plastic was invented about thirty years ago. The purpose of this piece of plastic is nothing but to keep your pizza away from sticking to the top roof of pizza. If hot pizza gets stuck with the paper pizza, it may spoil; that’s why we call it a pizza saver.

The more advanced boxes have also solved this problem. These Customized Pizza Boxes are prepared in such a way that no dump and jump can make pizza touch the upper side of the box.

Have You Ever Thought Why Pizza Boxes Are Not Round?

Although almost every pizza bakery makes round pizza, pizza packaging companies keep preparing square boxes. Why such a strange rivalry!

It is not the lack of mutual cooperation; it is actually the optimized structure of the flat square boxes that helps people easily hold, carry, or place pizza. However, the second reason is the traditional inclination that everyone keeps following.

If you think there must be a new way of serving your customers with a new design of boxes, Custom Pizza Boxes are the way to order or make as many shapes of boxes as you can.

Are Pizza Boxes Truly Environmentally Friendly & Degradable?

Yes… No.

Most packaging companies claim to provide eco-friendly boxes. Some of them genuinely offer degradable packaging boxes—however, both result in the same result. But, you might be thinking, what’s wrong with the second one who is already providing eco-friendly packaging boxes!

The thing is, the problem doesn’t exist in the degradable material; it is actually the design of the box that becomes irr-recyclable once the pizza oil spoils it. Got it!

Therefore, pizza packaging companies must make the boxes in such a design that pizza couldn’t spoil its whole paper.

As a pizza producer, you should also choose eco-friendly designs whenever you order from Pizza Boxes Wholesale company.

What Features are Essential to Your Pizza Boxes Wholesale!

Protection is essential as it is the primary thing that protects your pizza and preserves its quality. This is possible only when you order from an experienced packaging company that provides you with high-quality Custom Pizza Boxes.

Secondly, the promotion is a “buy 1 get 1 free” gift of ideal packaging. Since, once you store your pizza in a box merely for protection, this box advertises your pizza more than the signboard you have hung out. Hence, you need to benefit from all aspects of the most acceptable packaging.

If you ask for recommendations, be creative and always order from an experienced packaging company because they know well how to keep you and your customers happy.

Core Point

Cardboard is the fundamental constituent for making Custom Pizza Boxes. The structure and design of pizza boxes are to provide utility to the users. For example, pizza boxes are square in shape to use them easily, and a pizza saver is attached to keep your pizza away from the roof touch. However, we recommend you to order from a skilled packaging company that can prioritize the basic needs of packaging, protection, and promotion.

You can serve your customers with high-quality Customized Pizza Boxes only if you dive into the sea of packaging and find the most delicate type of boxes, as explained in the article.

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