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Life Made Easy with Dry Syrup Manufacturer in India

When it comes to taste, it is a vital factor in the dosage form’s development. The obnoxious and bitter taste problem of the drug in a pediatric patient can usually result in ok mind but harmful psychological effects. A range of patients, particularly geriatric and pediatric, have difficulty with solid dosage forms swallowing, and thus, such kind of syrup be used. The dry syrup manufacturing company in India chiefly uses dry mixtures that need water addition at the dispensing time. A range of commercial and official preparation availability is there as dry powder granules or mixtures that are intended for suspending in water.

Evaluation parameter

  • Drug content- Dry syrup is taken in a volumetric flask as 100ml and dissolved in methanol as 10ml, and up to 100 ml, the volume was made by sufficient 0.1 N HCI addition. The analysis of the solution is at 243.6 nm for founding out drug content.
  • Colour, Appearance, and odor- All the syrup’s developed batches were evaluated by a dry syrup manufacturer in India for organoleptic properties like appearance, odor, and color.


  1. The dry syrup was prepared with the usage of suspending agents, a flocculating agent, preservative, wetting agent, buffer, sweetener, anticaking agent, super disintegrant, and flavors through granulation technique.
  2. Before mixing, all the ingredients were passed by 200#.
  3. The drug and resin’s complex equivalent to 600 mg Linezolid was blended along with the other ingredients through geometric mixing.
  4. With the usage of water, the solid ingredients were massed and blended.
  5. The granulation is chiefly carried out through the means of wet granulation with water usage as granulating fluid. 
  6. With the usage of a 30 mesh sieve, the wet mass was manufactured into granules. The formed granules through a Dry syrup manufacturing company in India were dried in the oven and, after drying, passed through 32 mesh.
  7. The 10 gm of final dry syrup formulation were diluted mainly for final formulation up to 30 ml.


The dry syrup is packaged with the usage of the sealing and filling machine. The dry syrup is filled into the special packaging and sealed. There is a need to have containers with a wide mouth along with enough air space for allowing the easy flow of liquid. From excessive moisture, freezing, and heat, the container is needed to protect the contents. The container is labeled just after the packaging, and it should comprise the label chiefly shake before usage. 

Also, the labels comprise the usage and reconstitution instructions. It includes the condition under which there is a need to store the reconstituted solution. At room temperature, the dry syrup should be stored for the active elements ensuring maintaining the state until usage.

ConclusionIt can be concluded that dry syrup manufacturers in India are usually finely divided insoluble particles ranging from 0.5-5 μ. Also, it is to be distributed in a particular vehicle. Such syrups are the solid dosage foram be reconstituted through the water addition for administering by the oral route.

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