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All Indian citizens are given an Aadhaar number, a 12-digit identification number, by the UIDAI in New Delhi. Your Aadhaar must always be on you because it has emerged as the crucial document for acquiring any kind of financial services. To prevent losing your Aadhaar, you can register for an online Aadhaar through the UIDAI’s mAadhaar app. The mAadhaar App is available for download and usage in India to anyone with a smartphone. Only a few services, such as Locate Enrolment Center, Verify Aadhaar, and Scanning QR Code, will be available to residents without an Aadhaar-registered cellphone number.

For all other Aadhaar services, including those listed under My Aadhaar, a registered mobile number is necessary.

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UIDAI recently tweeted, “Update your demographic information like Name (Only Minor Changes allowed, Twice), Gender (Once), DoB (Once), and Address (No limit) online through #mAadhaarApp.”

Any demographic alteration will cost Rs 50 per request, and many pieces of information might be changed at once, according to the tweet.

You can use the mAadhaar app anytime, anyplace in India. A wallet card is not what the mAadhaar card is. On the one hand, mAadhaar profiles are accepted as proof by airlines and railways.

The UIDAI website lists the following as the main attributes and advantages of the Maadhaar app.

Aadhaar is more than simply a card for your wallet. The following advantages are available to the resident when using the mAadhaar App:

  • A lost or forgotten Aadhaar number can be downloaded or recovered to obtain an Aadhaar.
  • When residents are required to present identification, it is very important to see or display Aadhaar offline.
  • Whether you need a document or not, update your Aadhaar address.
  • Keep/manage all family members’ Aadhaar cards (up to five) in a single mobile.
  • Give service providers a QR code or paperless eKYC.
  • Locking Aadhaar or utilising biometrics are two ways to safeguard it.
  • Create or obtain a VID that can be used to access Aadhaar instead of an Aadhaar number.

Features and Advantages of the Mobile Application for mAadhaar

You can see some of the main advantages of using the mAadhaar Mobile Application and how it can make accessing your Aahdaar more comfortable for you.

  • Your Aadhaar card may be accessed and downloaded in an offline mode using the mAadhaar App, so you don’t need to carry a physical copy with you.
  • The App also offers the possibility to amend the Address with paper proof.
  • On the mAadhaar App, you can establish up to 5 Aadhaar Profiles for your family members.
  • You can perform paperless e-KYC using mAadhaar or share QR Codes with organisations that offer loans or want Aadhaar.

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