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Most Common Mental Health Issues

According to WHO (World Health Organization), out of 8, every one person across the globe is suffering from mental illness. This illness can either be mild or severe. Patients with mental health issues may look normal but deep inside nothing is normal. More than 200 types of mental health illnesses exist in the medical world. And their effect on the life of patients varies from situation to situation. The reason is that a mental disorder may be mild, moderate, or severe.

In a mild disorder, the patient does not show severe reactions and may cure with simple treatment. But in moderate and severe disorders the patient shows extreme changes in behavior and it requires special treatment to cure. 

There are multiple reasons for mental disorders including stress, over-sensitive, neglected behavior of parents, fear, and phobias. However, proper care and treatment from a psychiatric hospital in Dubai can reduce the chance of getting a severe mental health issue. 

Here’s a list of some common mental disorders, their symptoms, and their effects on patient health: 


The most common mental disorder is depression. And approximately 300 million people are victims of this disease. This disorder generally Starts from worrying about something and constantly thinking about its negative impacts. And the fear of loss or unexpected happenings is also a major cause of depression. The person suffering from this disorder often shows sudden changes in behavior. He got easily irritated and tired by simple things. A depressed patient also suffers from a shortage of breath. 

A depressed person starts escaping from reality and tries to live in isolation. He avoids interacting with people even with friends or family. 

Depression causes extreme changes in appetite and sleeping behavior. However, this change is different in different patients. Some patients suffer from insomnia and loss of appetite. Whereas some patients sleep more than normal and also consume more food than in normal conditions. Depression causes the patient to lose self-control and self-confidence. And the patient also feels pathetic and sad. In severe cases of depression, the patient leads to the stage where he blames himself for all the incidents, and bad happenings, and tries to hurt himself physically. 

A depressed patient may be cured with extra care, attention and love. Medical treatment is also crucial to avoid severe illness. 

 Anxiety Disorders

According to a recent survey of world health organizations about 300-400 million people are suffering from anxiety disorders. It happens because of multiple reasons including fear of failure, a severe shock, and the separation of someone very close and loving. Anxiety patients control self-control and concentration. And show extreme reactions over useless matters. Most anxiety patients also suffer from different types of phobias. 

Anxiety disorders are of several types 

• Generalized Anxiety Disorder: it is generally caused by fear and excessive worry about something. The patient stays in a constant state of sadness. 

• Social Anxiety Disorder: in this type of anxiety the patient feels fear to interact with people. And feel comfortable staying alone

• Separation Anxiety Disorder: it is the most severe type of anxiety. It happens because of the loss of someone very special and close to the heart of the patient. In this case, the patient always stays in a state of fear of loss. 

Anxiety is a curable disease and different treatments are available around the world. However, the percentage of recovery depends on the age and duration of the disease. 

Panic Disorders 

In this case of mental disorder, patients suffer from severe panic attacks. And always stay in the fear of panic attacks. The patient with panic disorder feels fear of particular persons, places, or objects. This state is called phobia. Phobias are of several types including hydrophobia, insect phobia, and agoraphobia. However, most patients suffer from agoraphobia. In this case, the patient feels fear to face a difficult situation. 

Various treatments and sessions are available to cure panic disorders. However, it requires time, consistency, and the cooperation of friends and family.  

Obsessive Disorders 

In this type of mental disorder, patients become obsessed with certain situations and fears. And he tries to cope with the imaginary world.  And he shows compulsive behavior. Fear of germs, dust, insects, and illness are the main symptoms of obsessive disorders. A regular session with a psychiatrist and medication can cure this disorder. 

Visit the best psychologist in Dubai at the earliest if you suspect you or someone else close to you have any of these diseases. 

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