Oh, it’s a special moment! Surprise your loved ones with delicious cakes

These days delivery of cake through online orders has been made easy by the efforts of OyeGifts. Through the genuine efforts of this online portal, you can send cakes through online delivery to any place in India. If you want to get online cake delivery in Chennai then this is the perfect destination for you. There are many types of cakes available. Let us go through some of the flavours of the cake:

The butterscotch cake-

This is a delicious butterscotch cake that is a mixture of brown and white. The centre of the cake is in plain white texture whereas the outer circular surface contains tiny dots in brown. The inner-circle contains cherries placed at a distance from each other. This is a delicious cake that you can order.

The Spider-Man cake-

Spider-Man is the superhero that is admired by millions of kids. They are a big fan of articles that contain photographs or dresses or patterns of Spider-Man. This is a delicious cake that is made in the pattern of the dress of Spider-Man. Also, the face of Spider-Man is made in the centre. This is going to surprise kids when they will receive this cake.

The kit kat cake-

A special cake is made in the size of numeral 6. This is specially designed for kids who will turn 6 this year. It is a chocolate cake that is covered with gems and KitKat chocolates. The inner portion denoting the numeral 6 is covered by gems whereas the outer edge is covered by pillars of KitKat chocolate. This is a beautiful cake.

The Scooby dooby cake-

This is also designed for people who love the Scooby dooby show. This show has been popular since the early 90s. It is a beautiful cake whose edges are white in colour because of the layer of cream. The centre of the cake is covered with the character picture of Scooby dooby and Shaggy. A Happy Birthday title is also created near the image with the help of special cream. At the bottom of the circle, small dots of pink cream mark the edges.

The special chocolate cake in the design of rose-

This is the cake with a chocolate base upon which layers of chocolate cream are decorated in the image of a Rose. It seems that infinite chocolate roses cover the cake. Small white dots are created somewhere between the petals to give the effect of a real rose. This is a beautiful cake that you should order.

The red velvet cake-

It is a cake that has become popular recently. During the last years of the previous decade, this cake was unknown. It has gained popularity in recent 2 to 3 years. This cake is a mixture of red and white. The Centre of the cake is covered by red material which gives the texture of velvet. The circular edge is in white colour. This is perfect for making the evening romantic or gifting it to your friends. The taste of this cake is super delicious.

The blueberry cake-

This is a different and unique cake. It is oval in shape and contains lots of blueberries on the upper surface. The sides are covered by the syrup of blueberry. Every bite of this cake will give a burst of flavours of blueberries. This is a delicious cake and different from the common flavours.

There is a variety of flavours available in the cake that you can order online. You can also order cake along with teddy bears and flowers. The delivery of the cake will be made within a few hours of placing the order.

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