Psychology In Greece: Education, Work, And Confirmation Of Diplomas

National University of Athens, Capodestrias

Department of Psychology, National University of Athens. Capodestrias is a recently created department (2013), but a continuation of the psychological program in the philosophical school, which has been working successfully for two decades. The Department of Psychology at EKPA presents important basics in cognitive psychology, such as the nature of thought and action. 

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There are very strong teachers in the field of language work and data processing, as in developmental psychology, which studies the stages of human development, especially in children and adolescents. Most of them defended their research in Europe and the United States. If you like Freud and Lacan’s ideas, don’t forget to check out our Anna Christopolo text. To introduce you to psychological theory.

Pantheonic University in Athens

If you choose to study at Pantheon University of Social and Political Studies, you will be studying a variety of social psychology courses. This field of psychology studies the behavior of individuals and groups in a social environment. Social Psychology has applications for those interested in everyday life, the workplace, communication and advertising, media and politics, and research. 

There is a lot of theoretical material available for experimental design. Here, as in ECPA universities, there is a strict set of faculty. Notable professors of clinical psychology include Robert Mellon, author of several books and articles on psychology. Lecture here!

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

The Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Faculty of Psychology. Students will gain critical knowledge in developmental psychology and cognitive psychology. In the third and fourth years, they can choose one of the following areas of study: Experimental and Cognitive Psychology. Developmental and school psychology or social and medical psychology with appropriate elective courses. Aristotle University is famous for its world rankings. Because the teacher studied abroad and immediately read many subjects from the textbooks of America and Europe.

University of Crete (Department of Psychology located in Rhythm).

The Department of Psychology at the University of Crete has gained a reputation for a wide range of courses primarily applied to psychology programs, such as research methods, and academic and school psychology. Private college students can prepare for an internship or thesis in one of the department’s three laboratories: developmental psychology, biological psychology and neuroscience, social psychology and forensic science, clinical and counseling psychology, and health psychology. Gain knowledge and gain valuable research experience.

University of Ioannina

The department opened very quickly. Ioannina University’s Faculty of Psychology began its work in 2018, separating the Faculty of Social Sciences in another direction. This is because about 80% of students are familiar with psychology during their final year of study. The program provides a comprehensive, high-quality education in psychology that combines theoretical and practical knowledge, in particular, biological psychology, neuroscience, neuroscience, social and forensic psychology, and medical and counseling psychology.

University of Western Macedonia (Department of Psychology in Florina)

The university has the smallest department of psychology in Greece. The program began in 2019 with basic reforms in university, as well as basic subjects in psychology, statistics, and sociology. There are also many essential articles. Including developmental psychology, biology, cognitive psychology, and medical psychology. Personality Theory Social Psychology Psychological Organizational Psychology Counseling Psychology Adult, Infant, Child and Adolescent Psychology

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