Repair Corrupted OST Files Through A Simple Way

An OST file refers to the Offline Storage Table, and it automatically gets formed whenever the user tries to configure their Outlook account with Exchange, account, and MS Office 365. These files generally provide offline access to the data to the user. Furthermore, these files typically work along with associationof the Exchange server. Whenever users try to fetch details/data in offline mode, OST comes into play.

Users can easily access the data and make changes during the offline mode, and changes will get saved once the internet connection restores. However, an incident like an Exchange server crash can also corrupt the OST file. This blog will provide the information to repair corrupted OST files with a free and paid solution. Kindly check the complete article to get complete details on the subject.

What Conditions make the OST file Corrupted?

Technical aspects, as well as software issues, are the reason behind the corruption in the OST files. The user needs to look for a solution to repair corrupted OST files, no matter the level of corruption. Before fixing the OST, check out some reasons behind the OST corruption.

  1. If in case the Exchange server crashes due to any issues will also corrupt some data of the OST file.
  2. Whenever the OST file crosses the size limit will cause inaccessibility to check the data of the OST.
  3. Any third-party software installed on the system from the untrusted website will cause some damage to the Offline Storage Table file.
  4. In scenarios where the Outlook program is in use and due to specific issues, the Outlook and system get closed, and then there are chances that the OST file will become unresponsive.

These are some common examples of when the OST file faces corruption. It is essential to make the OST in the same condition it was before the corruption to regain access to OST data. So we have prepared a list of the solution to repair corrupted OST files which will mainly include the manual and the paid tool.

Manual Solution to repair Unhealthy OST file

Reinstating the OST file in the same state it was before corruption would be a tedious task as any mistake can permanently lose data, so it is strictly recommended to take the help of any IT expert before starting the repair process.

Solution: 1 Repair Corrupted OST file using the Update folder option

It is one of the easiest manual repair solutions; follow the steps to repair the OST.

  • First, the user needs to search out the OST file in the system.
  • Secondly, make a right-click on the OST and select properties.
  • Thereon, choose “Clear Offline items” from the properties dialog box. Click on the OK button to move ahead.
  • From the Outlook ribbon bar, select Send/Receive option.
  • In the end, make sure to click on save changes to update the OST folder.

This procedure will not guarantee repair of the OST file; if it fails, then you can apply the second manual repair solution.

Solution: 2 Using ScanOST.exe Utility to Repair OST

Microsoft comes with the inbuilt repair utility known as ScanOST.exe. Start taking a look at its working.

  • The first and foremost step to repair corrupted OST file is to locate the Scanost.exe location in the system. Its location can vary as per the Outlook and Windows versions.
  • After locating its location, you need to launch the utility.
  • Once it opens, the user can select the corrupted OST file and open them.
  • Click on the scan option, and afterward, you need to click on the repair error checkbox to start repairing the OST files.

Drawbacks of using the manual repair method (Update folder option & ScanOST.exe)

All manual method does not guarantee to repair OST at all time. Moreover, these methods have the limitation that they cannot repair large size and highly corrupted OST. With more than one drawback in the manual repair method, it will be better for users to look for a professional OST repair solution. In the next part, we will be discussing one of them, which perfectly recover the complete data of the OST file, first ensuring the data safety.

Shoviv Exchange OST Recovery Tool: A Professional Solution

Users can straightaway try for this tool to repair the OST files as we have already discussed the limitations of the manual repair approach. Shoviv Exchange OST recovery tool possesses excellent GUI, making it easier for all to operate the software. The best part of the software is that it allows users to repair multiple OST files without restricting their size simultaneously.This tool does make any changes in the hierarchy of the OST file items.

In addition, the software also allows users to view the OST file item after the repair process. It is one of the most highly advanced platforms ever built to repair corrupted OST files in less time. The user can check out its free demo edition to view the complete functionality and test them.

Conclusive Statement

Through this blog, we try to make user aware of the situations when the OST become unresponsive. As we have seen the solution to repair corrupted OST files, the user can select the appropriate method to start fixing them. Every manual process has some limitations, which facilitates the need to looka third-party utility. We have also explained one software that effectively repairs the OST without taking much time. Now it’s the user’s decision of going which way to remove the corruption from the OST files.

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