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PST file: PST means Personal Storage Table which is a file in Microsoft Outlook. It can be used to store copies of messages, calendar, events, tasks, contacts, journals, notes etc. within Microsoft software

MSG file: MSG file is an email message, contact, appointment, or task created or save within Microsoft Outlook. It may contain one or more email fields including date, sender, recipient, subject and message body.

If a user wants to view some of their important files separately, they can go to MSG format because PST shows many email files together. In this case, the user can go for MSG format.

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How to convert all PST to MSG format

There are many solutions provided on the internet. You need to use the right solution as per your requirements and suitability.

  1. Manual method
  2. Software method

Manual method may contain viruses and errors so in this case, you will not get accurate results. Moreover, the whole process takes much of your time

Description of PST to MSG Converter for Mac

PST to MSG Converter for Mac is the powerful solution for conversion of Outlook PST files to MSG format without losing a single bit of information. You can get the results within a short period of time. . No changes will be made to any content of original files.

Outstanding features of PST to MSG Converter for Mac

Get some of the outstanding features of PST to MSG Converter for Mac –

  • Whole migration of PST email files and attachments
  • No file damage and corruption
  • No modifications to any content
  • Fast and accurate conversion
  • Perform user-specified PST file conversion
  • Rapid conversion of Outlook files
  • Allow working on all versions of Outlook
  • No control on PST file size
  • Support ANSI and UNICODE PST conversion
  • Easy working on all Mac Operating systems
  • Free PST to MSG Conversion available
  • Full time customer support availability
  • Save output results swiftly

Additional benefits of the software

  • No need of internet connectivity
  • Full time free upgrades

Step by step working of PST to MSG Converter for Mac

There are only three steps required to perform migration of PST to MSG format without any trouble.

Step 1. Rapid loading of PST files to the wizard

Download and install the software, once you have done it. The software rapidly loads selective PST files for conversion. You can simply load PST file manually from the system.

Step 2. Clear broadcasting of PST files loaded for conversion

After loading of PST files to the software screen, you can view these files in preview section before the files get ready for conversion. This will help you in checking the exactness of files.

Step 3. Introduce Output location

The final step is to set a user-defined location to save the output results. The user has the freedom to choose any location for saving these results.

End words

PST to MSG Converter software provides you instant results within few minutes which is the best part when compared to manual method. In case of small amount of data files, manual method can be applied but for large amount of data files, only software approach is effective.

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