Setting Up a Dog Feeding Station? Check These Tips!

Some dog parents believe standing water in bowls and food leftovers sufficiently take care of their pupper’s nutritional needs. This practice is unsafe, doesn’t help meet a puppy’s daily dietary requirements, and hence is not advisable.

Dogs must be fed fresh food and water to stay happy and healthy. A proper feeding station helps encourage your furry little friend to eat well and stay energetic throughout the day. So, why not set up an attractive feeding corner for your pet pooch inside the home?

Explore the assorted dishes and dog feeders available in pet stores or shop one quickly online. Buy the right ones for your pet, as not all products suit a puppy’s taste and temperament. Pay attention to your canine’s personality and choices while shopping for items to add to your pet’s feeding station.

However, learn about your puppy’s nutritional needs from the vet and consider buying items from vet-recommended food brands. Also, contemplate purchasing dog insurance so unplanned vet costs during distressing health scenarios need not be overwhelming.

While you reflect on buying pet insurance, read this article for some tips that help you with setting up a dog feeding station.

  1. Puppy parents must choose a dish based on how well it can meet a dog’s needs and not by the look of it. Consider your puppy’s breed, age, size, type of diet, and feeding style while shopping. Many puppy parents hardly realize that every dog is unique and they must look for the best fit bowl for their pup. Short-nosed puppies can drink/eat easily from shallow dishes, puppies with long ears may need deeper dishes, and older pets benefit much from drinking/eating from bowls placed on elevated tables (such an arrangement reduces the pressure on their joints while bending down to drink water or have food). Also, you can pick a bowl that matches the type of food served in them. Focus on the material while making decisions. Stainless steel is a great option to serve all food types, especially raw/canned food. Porous materials like ceramic aren’t the best choices to fill liquids. Plastic bowls can be used to serve dry kibble.
  1. Feeders are brilliant products that enable your puppy to eat many small meals throughout the day. Your puppy can eat until the food is gone if you opt for a gravity feeder, so to control the quantity of food your puppy eats, consider buying an automated feeder. With this feeder, you can give your pup calculated food portions at scheduled times while away from home. Check spill-proof feeders if you are dealing with a sloppy eater at home, slow feeders help slow down rapid eaters, and puzzle feeders help with mental stimulation and eating simultaneously.
  1. The fountain is an impressive freshwater source that motivates a puppy to drink and stay hydrated. If your canine pet hates drinking sitting water, consider investing in a water fountain. The cost can depend on the purification technology (carbon filters, activated charcoal, and UV filtration systems) used and other product features.

Follow the above tips to set up a dog feeding station that can be used well by your pet pooch. Overfeeding can lead to health problems like stomach upsets, gas, overweight, and obesity.

So, take care to feed your canine pal nothing more than needed and consider being prepared with dog insurance to provide them with top-notch medical care during adverse times of health. Pet insurance helps manage unexpected pet health expenses effectively without you having to compromise on the quality of medical care provided for your pet.

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