Tips on how to store and protect your luxury bags           

We often tell ourselves that the money we spent on a handbag was well spent because it was an investment.

 So, let’s not forget that the condition of your luggage will determine how much it will be worth in the future.

Let’s face it: as much as we love and depend on our handbags, we wear them out and damage them by carrying them. Bags that are in perfect shape have probably never been used, which is why they are in such good shape.

If you use your purses for more than just decoration and instead use them as useful accessories, a little extra care and attention can go a long way. Here are some tips to make sure that your leather bag collection will stand the test of time:

Keep it Clean

Take as much care with your priceless bag as you would with anything else of great value. We’ve heard a lot of scary stories about the many ways things can go horribly wrong.

When you pack your bag, think about what’s in it and how it will affect the way the bag fits. What kind of damage, if any, could a spill of water, hand sanitizer, lotion, or something similar do?

There could be marks on the fabric from your pens, lip gloss or stick, and makeup. What about the snacks that you and your children always have on hand? This is real life, and you may find that it helps to plan ahead.

We’ve already talked about how bag inserts can protect the inside of the bag and make switching bags easier.

But you don’t even have to think about putting money into that. Find some zip-top pouches or bags to store these things that could be seen as “threatening.”

The outside of the bag is another thing to think about. Before you put your small bag on a dirty floor, table, or even your own lap, you should think about it.

A quick look at the weather forecast won’t hurt anything. If it’s going to rain, you might want to bring an umbrella, a raincoat for your purse (like the ones that come with Hermès Birkins and Kellys), a plastic bag, or a dust bag.

When you’re done with your bag, you should empty it completely and clean the inside and outside.

When making a purchase, it is helpful to ask your SA what the best way is to clean the particular leather and lining that you are purchasing.

The care instructions for calf leather, suede, and exotic materials are each unique in their own way.

Maintain its shape

Putting filler inside your ladies bag when you put it away will help it keep its shape. You can do this quickly and easily by putting bubble wrap or unscented white tissue paper in the bag. A bag insert is another useful accessory that can be used with the bag.

When carrying bags with straps, make sure the straps are tucked inside the bag so they don’t leave marks on the leather. A chain strap could be wrapped in tissue paper to make the package look as good as new.

Cover Up

When you took your handbag home from the store, it probably came with a dust bag or was in its own dust bag.

After the bag has been cleaned and repacked, it should go back into the dust bag that came with it. Dust and mold won’t be able to grow on it until the next time it’s used.

If you can’t find a dust bag, a pillow cover will work just as well. Make sure the cloth you use is either white or cream so that the color doesn’t rub off onto the material.

Closet Etiquette

If you have enough room, put the bags back in their boxes and stack them in your closet. Assuming there isn’t a lot of room, putting them in dust bags should be a good idea.

It’s best to put your handbags in a way that makes them stand up straight. But clutches should be laid out flat when not in use.

Because of this, your purses will be able to keep more of their shape. If you want to hang the bags from hooks, you should use the dust bag’s drawstring instead of the purse’s strap. If you hang the bags from the purse’s strap, the purse could get stretched out of shape.

If the bag has handles, you need to make sure that the shelf it will be put on is wide enough so that the handles don’t get bent out of shape from being squished.

The goal is to keep the bags’ shapes while making sure they don’t touch each other directly. This will keep them from getting dust or mold from touching each other.

This method would make it hard for you to find the bag you need quickly.

Label each box and dust bag as best you can. You could even think about taking Polaroid pictures of each bag and using them as labels.

Additional Tips for Humid Climate

Womans Bag need more care and attention when the weather is hot and humid. Just following the advice given above is not enough.

You will need to put in a little more time and effort than usual to keep the humidity from hurting them.

Air Them Out Regularly

Some of your purses could be in storage for weeks, months, or even years before they are taken out.

One option that might work for most people is to put them in dust bags and store them in your closet. But if you live in a place with a lot of humidity, you should take the bags out and let them air out for a full day in a room with a controlled temperature and humidity.

Invest in open shelves

Most bags are kept on open shelves because this is the easiest way to do it. They are easy to keep up and can be reached from all sides.

Do spend money on a good shelving system that will let you store all of your luxury bags without having to jam them together, which can leave marks on the bags.

To keep the designer bags from losing their unique shapes, they must always be stored upright on the shelf. On the other hand, clutches can be flattened so that no pressure is put on the thin base.

Keep the top handles or chain straps inside the bags so that they don’t get tangled up with each other.

So that the chains don’t damage or scratch the insides of the bags, they should be put in the spaces between the filling layers.

Final words

You should never leave your bag unattended or in a car, where it could be stolen or damaged, just like you wouldn’t leave any other valuables there. Instead, make sure it is either always with you or always in sight and easy to reach.

One way to keep your handbag collection safe at home is to install a central home alarm system with a monitored motion sensor in the room where you keep your handbag collection.

Make sure to close and lock any doors or windows that can be reached, no matter how high up they are.

The best place to store handbags is somewhere that stays the same temperature and level of humidity. Make sure to keep them out of the direct sunlight and away from too much artificial lighting.

High-end handbags should be kept in a cool, dark place. This keeps the leather from getting too hot, which can cause water vapor to build up inside the leather. This will keep the paint from cracking and will also keep it from fading.

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