Top 8 Ways for Students to Learn a Foreign Language

Learning any foreign language is now becoming compulsory. It is because individuals are trying to get a job and admission to international universities for their master’s or PhD degrees. More and more students are going to UK, USA, and Europe for their higher studies. In this scenario, to effectively communicate there, the students have to learn their language. Most countries take language tests, like IELTS and TOEFL, to assess the student’s language ability. Therefore, the students must learn a foreign language to survive in the country they want to settle in.

The problem is that most students do not know how to learn a new language. Keeping this in mind, I have discussed with the top coursework help services experts, who have suggested some guidelines. In light of their guidelines, I will talk about the 8 ways students can adapt to learning foreign languages. But before jumping into our main topic, let’s discuss the importance of learning new languages.

Importance of learning new foreign languages

            Learning a foreign language is important for your studies abroad, but it is also important in many other ways. Below are the points that highlight its importance:

  • The new foreign language improves your academic performance and helps build better communication with fellow students. This allows you to improve your academic performance.
  • When you learn a new language, you also learn to become a part of the new culture. You develop a positive attitude and can better adapt to the new place.
  • One of the main points is that when you learn a foreign language, you can sharpen your mind and get a better job in the market.

Ways to learn a foreign language

            A brief description of the top 8 ways to master the new language is as follows:

1.     Make new friends

            The first and the easiest way to learn a new language is by making new friends. If there is a community of people who speak the language you want to learn, immerse yourself in that community. You should start attending their events and participate in other activities like a dance night or cultural event. Make friends out of that community. It is necessary because friendship is the best way to learn a new language. When you make friends from that community, you speak with them daily. Hence, it polishes your skills a lot.

2.     Learn the Songs

            Getting musical means listening to the music created in the language that you want to learn. It is a globally recognised theory that music fosters learning. When individuals listen to the music of a particular language, they develop their skills to speak that language. Do not get confused by the lyrics of the music. Take small steps, read the lyrics first and then understand their meaning.

3.     Watch TV shows and Movies

            Watching TV shows and movies is another great way to learn a foreign language. Play the movie without subtitles if it is possible. As a beginner, you can also watch the movie with subtitles; it is the easiest way to learn the movie engagingly. Using this strategy, you will also get a sense of the language and its culture. By watching movies, you will also learn new words and phrases, which is compulsory for learning a new language.

4.     Use online resources

            Learning a new language is not a challenging task. In today’s technologically advanced world, many websites work online to help you. Such websites offer short courses on learning a foreign language. Some websites are completely based on learning a new language, e.g., Duolingo. All you need to do is register on such a website and learn the language the way you want.

5.     Change the language setting on your phone

            Changing the language settings on your phone is another way to learn a new language. However, I will recommend changing this if you have know-how in that language. Do not do this if you are a beginner and have no idea about the written language. It is because this will only create problems for you using your phone. You can consider using a translator on your phone. Download the add-in and install it on your phone.

6.     Learn common vocabulary

            It is the most effective technique for learning a foreign language. Expand your resources by learning new words daily. It does not matter whether you learn 2 words per day or 10 words. The only thing that matters the most is that you should learn. While doing so, always try to grab the meanings of the common words, like Helo, Hi, and How are you. It is because these are the most common questions that you ask someone while interacting.

7.     Practice speaking the language

            As it is a saying that practice makes a man perfect, this is still true. The more you speak a language, the more you learn. Therefore, speaking a foreign language is the best way to learn it. Do not be afraid of making mistakes; speak. Speaking in the language you want to master is the best way to learn it.

8.     Travel

            Travelling is a great way to learn about new cultures and languages. Travel to places where people speak the language. It is because no one can teach you better than the environment itself. The online teachers and websites can only assist you to some extent. But travelling to that particular place can expose you to a larger audience, which is very good for learning.


            To summarise, learning a new language is not a task you can complete overnight. You must practice using online websites and sources to learn a foreign language. Also, watch TV shows and movies in that particular language to strengthen your understanding. Google translator can help you as well to learn the basics. Believe in yourself and keep practising, and you will grasp the language in no time.

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