What is Ethereum (ETH), and how can I buy it in Australia?

What Is Ethereum?

Open-source Ethereum is a public, distributed computing platform based on the blockchain. It includes features for smart contracts (scripts) and smart contracts (scripting). Ethereum is a cryptocurrency that provides a token called “ether,” which acts as a vehicle to move about on Ethereum. 

Ether is Ethereum’s native currency that powers all operations performed on Ethereum’s blockchain. 

How do you find the best location to purchase Ethereum in Australia?

There are many trading platforms available to buy Eth Australia. To aid you in deciding on the most suitable choice, keep these points in your head:

Where is it registered?

Making use of a local exchange is a good option. They are much more likely to accept Australian dollars and local payment methods, such as BPAY, which will help avoid foreign exchange charges. Selecting an exchange based in Australia implies that it’s most likely to have a registration with the Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre (AUSTRAC), which implies it is required to adhere to the local law in Australia.


Take a look at the security options that the platform provides, including 2-factor authentication, for instance. Encrypted emails using PGP. Cold storage of user money is considered the industry standard; however, insurance funds are less widespread and a sign of good security practices.


Review the fine print to determine what the transactions will be. Based on the platform you select, they could include spreads as well as trading fees, withdrawal, and deposit charges.

Other features on the platform.

Look for additional options to meet your trading or investment needs. Some exchanges now allow you to profit from your holdings, and some even provide digital debit cards to assist you in using your money.

Customer support.

If you have an issue with your transaction, are you in a position to swiftly and easily reach out to the customer service team? Do they have a base in Australia? Find out which contact methods are available, and then find out how fast they are in response to queries.

Insurance fund.

A handful of exchanges are now able to insure the user’s funds. Be aware that policies differ significantly among exchanges, and you’ll need to investigate the issue thoroughly when insurance is crucial in your life.

Read the reviews.

The reviews of Finder’s crypto exchanges include reviews from users, which can help you better understand the platform suitable for users just starting like you.

How to purchase Ethereum in just five steps

Compare crypto exchanges

The most straightforward way to purchase Ethereum is to use an exchange that deals in cryptocurrency. The table below can help you locate a platform that offers the required features, such as low costs, ease of use, and 24-hour customer support.

Create an account

To open an account on an exchange, you’ll have to confirm your email address and prove your identity. You just need to have a photo ID and your phone in hand for ease.

Make a deposit

Once you have been verified, you can transfer AUD into your account with the payment method that is most suitable for you – cash, credit card, and bank transfer are generally accepted.

Buy Ethereum

Now you can trade your money in Ethereum. With exchanges for beginners, this is as easy as entering the amount in AUD or Ethereum you wish to purchase and then clicking “buy.”

Secure your Ethereum

Consider moving your ETH to a private cryptocurrency wallet to guard against some dangers from placing it on an exchange, like scams, hacks, or bankruptcy.

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