Women’s of GB curlers cram into semi-final counter to Sweden

Great Britain’s women’s curlers crush into the semi-finals of the Winter Olympics after beating the Russian Olympic Committee 9-4.

Eve Muirhead, Vicky Wright, Jen Dodds, and Hailey Duff took their list to five wins and four losses to improve on the Draw Shot Challenge tie-breaker.

They will get Sweden in the last four at 12:05 GMT on Friday.

Bruce Mouat’s men’s side is surely a silver medal after triumphing their semi-final counter to the United States.

It was the Swedish protecting champions who end ensured Britain would improve as they beat South Korea long after the other three tournaments had varnished, to eliminate their contestant.

Muirhead’s squad had already held up their end of the bargain by that term, as the British skip delivered a fantastic final stone in the ninth end to score four and clinch triumph counter to the ROC.

“We had to succeed that game today, and that’s what we went out there to do,” Muirhead told BBC Sport game.

“We rowed our cores out, nothing was in our control asunder from our contest, and that’s what we did.

“I was in this condition in 2018 as well in the semi-final, and I do want to do one upgrade. I’m very proud of this squad, we’ve played very well good at all week.

“As much as we’ve lost a few sports games, all of us know those losses have not been through a lot of wicked play; it’s been inches here and there – but that’s curling.”

Switzerland will gain Japan in the other women’s semi-final matches, with Canada the only squad with a record of five wins and four losses to miss out.

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