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The Best WooCommerce Currency Switcher Plugin

WooCommerce is an e-commerce platform that lets merchants sell their products online. It comes with a plugin called Currency Switcher, which allows customers to convert the price of their products from one form to the other. To utilize this plug-in, you need to input the number of currencies they would like to convert into and the currency they wish it to convert to.

The plugin calculates the conversion rate and displays the conversions. This plugin lets you quickly convert the currency of your store. It supports over 10+ currencies and is able to be set to update the rates automatically.

The WooCommerce Currency Conversion plugin changes the way that your store works with the currency. Customers are able to select the currency they prefer before making the payment. The price is converted into various currencies. It then instantly adjusts the prices on the website.

This WooCommerce MultiCurrency plugin is highly flexible and can be used to create discount coupons, coupon codes promotions, and coupons. This plugin will seamlessly switch between various currencies on your WooCommerce website.

Benefits of Using a Currency Exchange Plugin

If you’re operating an online business with international customers using an exchange plugin for currency on your website is imperative. Here are some advantages of using the Aco Currency Switcher plugin.

Grow your business: By using a currency exchange plugin, you will be able to expand your reach to a greater client base that comes from different nations. It can assist customers in other countries convert your prices into their currency, without the need to manually perform the calculations.

Reduce confusion between purchasers: A currency exchange plugin can simplify the acceptance of international payments for your company. This reduces friction when making transactions between customers. This means you’ll never lose customers because of confusion about pricing.

Exposure to business: With a bigger audience, your company will also gain plenty of publicity which is useful for expanding your business. International exposure could result in higher traffic, which can increase the effectiveness of your SEO efforts

Aco Currency Switcher Features

  • Switch to Multiple Currencies.
  • Option to choose the default currency.
  • Option to auto-update the currency rate by using a more aggregate.
  • Update your currency rate by clicking the button to update.
  • An email notification is sent after the update of the currency rate, including specific details.
  • Set of currency aggregators to allow automatically changing rates. Additionally, admins can alter rates manually, if needed!
  • Option to set a different exchange fee per currency to define currency format. Administrators are also able to alter rates on their own if required
  • Option to set up Currency Switcher as a Frontend by placing it in a specific position, either to the left or right.
  • The option to select pages to show the currency switcher.
  • You can choose to make your payment based on the currency you have selected or not.
  • Option to change price information icon on every product’s frontend, where users can view prices in other currencies.
  • The currency switcher used as a shortcode and widget.
  • Auto-identifies the location of the user by using their IP address. Then, select the currency of default.
  • Option to choose a custom currency symbol.
  • Option to write your own CSS for the front-end.
  • Create a background for the currency border and the color.
  • Option to hide/show the shipping method for a particular currency.
  • The option to conceal/show the payment options in a specific currency.
  • choose the currency stored for the user to select.
  • Export and import in JSON format.

Using this plugin to Increase your Income Today

This plugin is a no-cost and simple-to-use Currency Conversion plugin that lets you convert currencies on the Woocommerce website. It works with the major currencies and includes a variety of options like the default currency and update rate, auto-update, and many more.

This plugin lets you quickly convert and exchange currency on your WordPress website with no trouble. It makes use of the settings from WooCommerce to make the currency conversion box within the area of content.

The WooCommerce MultiCurrency plugin allows selecting the currency to convert into and get transformed automatically. Businesses can use their plugins quickly. When dealing with currency conversion.

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