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When your teacher tells you to write a synthesis essay, it may seem like a huge task. Don’t worry! You can hire a professional service that is just a few clicks away and ask for “write my essay for me”. What exactly is a synthesis paper? First, you need to know what the word “synthesis” means.

To synthesize means to put together parts of different things to make a whole. It’s not the same as summing up, comparing, or reviewing. College students in many different fields often have to write synthesis essays on their own or as part of bigger projects.

What is an Essay of Synthesis?

You want to know what a synthesis essay is now that you know what it means to synthesize. People often say that a synthesis essay is a written discussion of ideas. It involves getting information from different sources and putting it all together to support a question or the Your paper’s main argument is expressed in a thesis. ke in your paper. You can find the thesis by figuring out what the purpose of the essay is, but we’ll talk more about that later.

Know the Types of Synthesis Essays – Write My Essay For Me

People usually say that there are two main kinds of synthesis essays, but this article will talk about three. These are:

A Summary Essay with a Point of View

In an argumentative synthesis essay, you start with a strong thesis that states your position on the topic. There are many reasons why you might want to write an essay with a strong point of view. Among them are:

  • To look at two things and see how they differ;
  • To argue a position;
  • To evaluate a text;
  • To show how one thing leads to something else.

The way the essay is written will depend on what its purpose is. It also decides how the information will be shown.

When you choose a side, stick with it. You can offer counterarguments, but they should be few and not as strong as your main points. Try summarizing your ideas before you write so that you don’t include too much information in the papers. People want to read a summary of your work, not the work itself. If you just say what happened, the reader might get the wrong idea.

An Essay to Explain Something or Give Background Information

A student’s goal with an explanatory synthesis paper is to become an expert in a certain area. The writer gets information from a lot of different places. Then, they put all of this information together in a way that is objective and complete. They can look at the information that is available and put it into groups with similar ideas. This look at the different points of view helps students and readers understand the topic better.

A Review of the Literature Synthesis Essay

Students in the social sciences and medicine often write this essay as a part of a bigger project. They look at what has already been written about a certain topic and list the common themes. This analysis should help you figure out which issues have been well researched and which ones haven’t. It will show parts of a problem that have been looked at and, in general, help to justify specific research.

Here is a list of verbs that can be used in different kinds of synthesis essays:

Argumentative words include: agrees, disagrees, agrees, insists, rejects, and insists.

Explanatory: Finds, confirms, says, suggests, reveals, and claims.

Literature Review: tells, says, suggests, holds, predicts, and makes guesses.

The tone of an explanatory paper and a literature review synthesis paper is almost the same, and some verbs can be used in both types of papers.

Summing up:

We’ve talked about how to write a synthesis essay in this blog. I hope this helps you write a good essay. If you’re having trouble writing your essay on your own and want help, you can go to write my essay com. We have the best group of writers who are always ready to write content for you.

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