5 Scenarios That Lead to Vancouver Phone Screen Repair

Everyone has at least done it one time in life, and you would have probably done it, too. It all takes a second to drop your phone and crack your phone screen. You may hold your phone tight, talk through it, or try to reach a pen and accidentally drop your cell phone. Letting your cell phone slip from your hands and hitting on the floor usually leads to a broken cell phone screen. It is one of the situations that can lead to Vancouver phone screen repair. Nonetheless, there are more situations than the one we have mentioned to you. We shall also have a look at the 5 scenarios in this post that may lead you to cell phone screen repair.  

5 Scenarios to Break Your Phone Screen and Opt for Screen Repair 

Here are the five scenarios that can lead you to phone screen repair in Vancouver:

You May Drop Your Phone While Taking a Selfie: 

People often drop their smartphones while taking selfies. Whether you buy a new sweater or do workouts in the gym, you may want to take your picture. You can drop your phone in such situations; nonetheless, you can avoid this mishap. You may use a selfie stick while you take your selfie to hold your phone securely at that time. It will also allow you to create the shot you are after. 

Plus, you may carry a tool around your headphone cable while taking a selfie if you don’t use a selfie stick. In the most recent phones, you can open the camera app and hit the volume button on the cable to take your picture. Following these precautions will allow you to hold your phone securely and take a perfect selfie.  

You May Drop Your Phone While Talking and Walking:  

Some people talk on the phone while they are on a walk. Talking on the phone while walking isn’t safe for your smartphone. Moreover, you can easily bump people and drop your phone if you keep doing that. Unfortunately, pavement is one of the least forgiving surfaces to drop a smartphone. 

Nevertheless, you can also avoid this mishap when you are on the phone while walking. You may try using a Bluetooth headset to free up your hands to answer and place calls without even touching your cell phone. It will ensure that your smartphone stays safe while it is in your bag or pocket and let you walk freely & distraction-free.

You May Throw Away Your Phone in Anger: 

Getting angry is a common thing for humans, either due to bad luck or people. Unfortunately, many cell phones have also become the object for us to release our anger. It also often leads to Vancouver phone screen repair; nonetheless, you can protect your phone even when you are angry.

If you feel the urge to throw your cell phone, you should stop. Instead, take some deep breaths to calm yourself down. Don’t do anything except for taking deep breaths until you find yourself under control. Or go for a short walk to release your anger. Cooling your head when you are angry can help you overcome your anger and protect your phone.

Kids Drop Your Phone: 

You may like to entertain your children, and you may also use a smartphone for this purpose. Nonetheless, smartphones aren’t the objects toddlers, in particular, can’t get enough of till they throw them. Children also love the repetition of throwing and picking up phones, over and gain. What can you expect from this situation than a damaged phone screen? It is better to use an old smartphone around your kids to let them play with it and protect yours. It will let your children enjoy what they like, and you will also prevent your phone from the damage.

Fumble Fingers May Let You Drop the Device: 

Fumble fingers can also lead you to drop your cell phone. You can drop your phone with fumble fingers while playing a game, texting a message, or reacting to a friend’s post. Nonetheless, you can avoid dropping your smartphone if you handle your smartphone cautiously.  

Additionally, you should always have a screen protector on your phone to possibly protect your phone screen from damage. Also, utilize a cell phone case while you use your cell phone to ensure the extra protection of your device.


You can drop your cell phone, identical to other phone users in Vancouver. If you do so, you will likely visit a phone repair shop, such as Cell Doctor, for phone screen repair. Lastly, there are five scenarios that can lead you to Vancouver phone screen repair, and here they are:

  1. You May Drop Your Phone While Taking a Selfie
  2. You May Drop Your Phone While Talking and Walking
  3. You May Throw Away Your Phone in Anger
  4. Kids Drop Your Phone
  5. Fumble Fingers May Let You Drop the Device

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