9 Great Gifts That Your Grandparents Will Enjoy

As the holidays roll around each year, it’s easy to think of a gift for your best friend or your sister. Perhaps there’s an inside joke you can play off of, or you know a clothing item they really want. Thinking of gifts for grandparents can seem like a little more of a challenge. But I’ll let you in on a little secret: it doesn’t have to be.

Just like anyone else, grandparents are going to love a gift that makes their life a little easier, more comfortable, or more interesting. It may sound vague, but don’t underestimate the effect that ultrasonic humidifier cool mist could have on their lives, or the simple pleasure a bird feeder could bring to their mornings. Here are a few gift ideas for any occasion that your grandparents are sure to appreciate. 


This is one of those gifts that will make their lives a little easier. A robovac is something we all could use, but not something everyone’s going to think to buy for themselves. It’ll quietly move around your floors and clean on its own as you go about your day. They’re the definition of low maintenance. Ensure your grandparents don’t have to go around their house vacuuming or sweeping. Instead, let them enjoy their days and let this little vacuum with a mind of its own do all the work. 

Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier

Give your grandparents the health boost they didn’t know they needed with an ultrasonic humidifier with cool mist for their bedroom. Dry air can interfere with health and comfort in ways not everybody realizes, but an ultrasonic humidifier with cool mist will help them get better sleep, relieve dry skin, and can even help ease congestion and coughing from colds or allergies. A cool mist ultrasonic humidifier is low maintenance and runs quietly, only requiring occasional cleaning and refilling to keep doing its job. It can also double as a makeshift oil diffuser when a few drops of essential oils are added to the water, filling the room with pleasant, all-natural aromas. Help your grandparents get better sleep and cold and allergy relief with a cool mist ultrasonic humidifier. 

Bird Feeder

Don’t underestimate the simple pleasures. If your grandparents live somewhere with any sort of backyard (or yard at all) that has the occasional avian visitors, consider giving them a bird feeder and some bird food to hang outside. Put it in a spot where they can watch it from their window, and the birds will come. Drinking coffee and watching birds visit your feeder in the morning is truly one of life’s simple pleasures. Make sure your grandparents can experience that, too. 

Espresso Machine

Everybody appreciates the gift of good coffee. Put the power in their hands by giving them the ability to make an exceptional latte at home. It will not only save them money on those $7+ drinks, but it’s also convenient, saving them a trip out, and gives them the power of customization. Not to mention espresso machines aren’t the complicated contraptions they once were; sure, you can get a full barista version that requires a little more espresso-making knowledge, but you can also get the more convenient kind that just requires a pod of high-quality espresso and the press of a button. In a matter of minutes and minimal work, they’ll have an exceptional cup of frothy espresso. Maybe they’ll even get into latte art!

Air Fryer

Air fryers are a beloved appliance for millennials due to their convenience and the option to cook oil-free, but are your grandparents aware of just how much an air fryer will change their lives? Seriously, this cannot be understated. Air fryers can be used as an oven, a toaster, or a microwave. You can reheat leftovers in them, or you can cook the juiciest chicken breast you’ve ever had in just 15 minutes. They remove the hassle of cleaning off an oily sheet pan after roasting veggies or scrubbing a skillet in the sink, and they cook everything in a fraction of the time. 


No matter your age, everybody needs a high-quality pair of slippers. But they’re also one of those things you don’t really want to spend the money on. Why dish out $50 or more for a pair of shoes that you’ll never leave the house in? Because they make the in-home experience, which is a significant amount of time in many of our grandparents’ lives, significantly better. Help them keep their feet warm through the winter and protect them from a bad slip or fall by getting them a pair with a rubber bottom. They might not think of slippers as a necessity, but once they have them, they’ll be wearing them all the time. 

A Photo Gift

Grandparents love seeing photos of their grandchildren. They also love receiving photos from their grandchildren. Give them both by giving them a photo book or a digital photo frame that’s easy to operate. Both options are great for a living room and allow them to see photos of their family on display at all times, a reminder of a happy life. The gift of photos is also one of the more thoughtful ones out there; it’s not flashy, but it shows great appreciation and love. 

Book Subscription

If your grandparents are retired and relaxing in their ultrasonic humidifier cool mist bedroom with a freshly brewed and frothed espresso in hand as the robotic vacuum does all the hard work around the house, why add to the environment  by making sure they always have a great book to read? Book subscriptions are an incredible gift to give anyone who has the time to read. Without having to leave your home, you can browse through books of all genres and the books that everybody’s talking about right now, then select as many as you want to be shipped right to you. Some opt for one a month, some opt for four or more. But the carefully curated selection of available books makes book subscriptions a convenient way to get your reading fix in. 

A Cooking Class

This is an activity your grandparents could do together if they’re interested, or that you could do with one or both of them. Cooking classes are fun, educational, and delicious; you make a meal you’d probably never have the skills or resources to make, and you get to enjoy it at the end. It’s a great bonding experience if you have time to join your grandparents, but if not, it’s a fun and accessible activity for one or both of them to do on their own. Plus, there’s a cooking class out there for just about any cuisine, so they’ll get a chance to cook something new and exciting. An added bonus if your grandparents already like to cook or bake!

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