Which app is best for short video making?

The craze for creating clips Short videos is increasing day by day and it will become the favorite thing of the youth. And this generation is serious about their career & earning money while enjoying their life. So, here is a new career opportunity for them on social media to create short videos. Creating videos is a new trend that people like to create and some like to watch & entertain themselves.

There is the best short video app in India “PICKZON” that helps you to gain fame & earn money, the app never fails to provide its users with the best service possible. PickZon includes a variety of features for various professional objectives that are all very simple to use. And here are the features of the app which make you use the Pickzon app:


The first feature of the app is Story, when you open the app you will see the story option on the upper left side. Simply click the + symbol to access your camera, which will allow you to share photos you’ve previously shot or want to shoot right away, as well as take videos and apply filters to your story. On the PickZon Story feature, you can upload your minute-by-minute updates in the form of images or videos.


In this section, you can see what your friends and family have been up to, as well as what others have posted. Below the story symbol there are some more features:

  •  The first one is “Post” where you can create or upload photos and also write anything you want, you can add your location, describe your feelings, and tag others.
  • The second option is clips where you can upload the short videos of 30 seconds and also can watch other clips.
  • The third is “Video” where you may shoot video with your camera directly or upload the old videos you want, user can upload a 5-minute video at one time.
  • The next is the “Page” option where you can create the pages of memes, fan pages, and so many pages you can create.
  • The last one is “Saved” where you may access your previously saved posts and short clips.


Is one of Pickzon’s most popular features (short videos). In the Clips section, you may watch videos from a variety of digital content creators categorized by genre. You can not only watch it, but you can also make your videos and show the world your fun side skills. You can use the PickZon clip to make a one-minute video that includes music or dialogue from PickZon’s music library, as well as your tunes or dialogue.


The mall is PickZon’s biggest feature, where you can find any service you want as well as buy and sell new and old books, vehicles, electronics, properties, clothing, and mobile phones. One of the advantages of shopping at a mall is that there is no middleman between the buyer and the seller, and hence no commission is charged. The services are affordable, and you’ll have all you need at your fingertips.

Refer & Earn:

Pickzon can be used for more than simply entertainment, buying, and selling; it can also be used to make money by referring the app to your family and friends. And there is no limit to how much you may make, the more people you recommend, the more money you both can earn.

PickZon is the best short video app in India since it provides exactly what you need. Even though all of the applications listed above are social media sites, they can only be used to post your video. Some merely allow you to watch and create videos, but PickZon includes everything you need.

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