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Blanket sweatshirts host a variety

of sizes, materials, and designs, making it difficult to identify the perfect one for you. To make things easier, we’ve assembled all the information you’ll need before tackling the cold this winter. Winter with a blanket sweatshirt! What Makes a Good Blanket Essentials hoodie Material

Sherpa fabric may be the most popular out of the bunch as it’s warmer due to its soft faux-wool nap. Fleece blanket sweaters, on the other hand, aren’t far behind in terms of warmth retention and are also lower in weight than Sherpa blankets. If you don’t mind a little more weight, a Sherpa blanket would be ideal; otherwise, a fleece blanket will suffice. Practicality

While most blanket sweatshirts come with a hoodie and a plain pattern, others come with many pockets and elastic cuffs as an added bonus. Front side pockets are ideal for storing iPads and TV remote controls, as well as keeping your hands toasty. Furthermore, elastic cuffs prevent the sleeves from sliding onto your hands and disrupting whatever you’re doing. As most blanket sweatshirts won’t conform to your exact sides, elastic cuffs make the blanket sweatshirt a

tad bit more practical. Convenient belt

The belt prevents your blanket sweatshirt from flapping around while moving and keeps the inside warmth intact. Machine washable

Blanket sweatshirts are something you would find yourself wearing more often than you realize. To make things easier, you should look for a blanket sweatshirt that can be machine washable in order to regularly keep your clothing clean and prevent any bacteria from growing. Heated Blanket Sweatshirt

Heated blanket sweatshirts

feature ultra-thin carbon fiber heating elements which generate heat across the collar, back, and left and right bust, keeping your body warm and cozy. Heated blanket sweatshirts may seem like an ingenious idea to those living in temperatures below 0°C, however, the safety of such sweatshirts is questionable. Any tear in the sweatshirt or accidental water spill can be extremely dangerous for the wearer.

Blanket Sweatshirts With Buttoned-Up Slits

Modern blanket sweatshirts have now been featuring buttoned-up slits on the sides which help you control the warmth inside the sweatshirt blanket. These can be a great addition to your wardrobe if you live in areas with changing weather conditions. When in times of extreme cold, you can simply button up the sides of your sweatshirt blanket in order to trap all the heat inside and can open up the buttons if you feel the warmth to be overpowering.

Hooded Blanket Sweatshirts

When fighting against cold, icy weather, a simple hood can go a long way. Some blanket sweatshirts feature a cozy hooded design made from Sherpa fleece which wraps around your head, keeping it snug and warm. Moreover, these hoods can also double as a pillow when lying down anywhere and such sweatshirts are great for when you go to drive-in theatres or camping trips. However, do bear in mind that a hood also contributes to extra weight on your already heavy blanket sweatshirt.

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